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I have a lan Including Win 95,98. 2000 ,XP and Some 2003 Server configured as active directory. How whever I can not get access 2003 domain from 95 machines.what i should try to access 2003 domain from 95 systems

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by Blackcurrant In reply to PLEASE SOLVE


First you need to create computer accounts on the 2003 domain controller and tick the check box that says the computer runs a pre-2000 operating system.

On the Win95 client you need to open Control Panel and access the Network applet. Click the Identification tab and enter the name of your domain in the Workgroup field. Click the Access Control tab and choose between either share-level or user-level access control.

Click the TCP entry on the main tab and click Properties. On the DNS configuration make sure that the Host field contains the name of the client computer and that the Domain field contains the name of your domain.

Hope this helps

Good luck

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by BFilmFan In reply to PLEASE SOLVE

You must use the Windows 95 Active Directory Client Extensions to have Windows 95 systems communicate with Active Directory.

A better answer is to get rid of Windows 95 and upgrade to Windows XP.

You can get that software here, as Microsoft no longer supports Windows 95/98 or NT:

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by NormH3 In reply to PLEASE SOLVE

Not sure but I thought WIN95 was not supported on a 2003 domain. This simply means that it might work, but chances are very slim. I would upgrade them to at least 98SE if possible.

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