Please suggest me a good quality tracking software

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Hello guys,
I have a property development business that mainly concentrates on quantity surveying. Since a couple of years, the business is rapidly expanding and we have a lot of resources in our disposal that needs to be closely monitored and channelized to reach optimum efficiency.
We are an ISO rated company. So we need to meet a set of quality standards. Plus, the competition is becoming so intense that if someone is more efficient for an inch, he will be ahead of his competitors by miles!.
So to meet the goals and better our outcomes we are in a search for well-reputed quality tracking software in the market.
I have already found a few cloud-based technologies that have gained some recognition as a good quality tracking software link removed by moderator.
But, I thought it will be better to ask here because I will get some expert opinions.
So guys, please suggest me some good tools for quality tracking. If it is specially designed for an organization like me, then it's even better. Also, please help me to understand the upcoming trends in this sector.
Thank you.

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Software advice

by davidsoncch In reply to Please suggest me a good ...

Hello! In the company where I work we use SoftActivity computer software for our employees. It has a lot of features such as tracking in the real time, view employees Internet history and so no. It's helpful!

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Why not you create your own Application.?

by sagarleo1 In reply to Please suggest me a good ...

There are many apps right now that can give you features like close monitoring or channelizing etc .., but not all, as far as I know.

The best thing is why not you create your own app, it will be also helpful for branding of your business and you will able to modify as you want plus add features what you need.

Imagine if anyone looking for partnership with you and you decided to have meeting with them on your own companies application. It will create more gravity of your company rather than using one app for meeting, one for monitoring and another app for exchanging files.

Try to look into this you will get more information (link removed by moderator)

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Not convinient

by Mesusah In reply to Why not you create your o ...

Building your own app is an expensive thing and it'll take much more time than buying and installing the ready one/

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