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By samnvic ·
...what else i need to do to launch my networking career in atlanta...PLEASE!!i'm from toronto, canada and have been desperately trying to move to atlanta. i'm a new mcp, working towards my mcse, but it's the proverbial catch 22! no one will hire me without experience, but how do i get experience if no one hires me???? i've contacted every single recruiter from here to hotlanta, spent hours upon hours upon sleepless nights surfing, called and emailed everyone's friend, brother, grandmother and dog my resume...but still no luck. i don't think i've left any stone unturned, but if you have another suggestions, i welcome your thoughts and am open to ALL ideas!! i know there's an economic down turn for all of us in North America, but i'd like to think that determination, solid work ethics, ambition and good ole fashion hard work will never go out of style. i just need to find someone willing to take me on so i can prove it.

now, on a lighter note, i've read some of the discussionshere and kudo's to all network admins' out one way or another you've all been a source of inspiration to me during my drastic career change. thanks for ensuring me i made the right decision...adreneline junkies, unite!!

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