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Please use the revolving door

By maxwell edison ·
I'm doing some contract work for a company that resides in a building that has a main entrance revolving door. It's not a huge revolving door, but is divided into quarters, each of which will accommodate only one person. And if that person has a couple of things in tow (for example, a laptop computer slung over a shoulder and another item carried by hand), it's kind of cramped; but it's not restricting. On either side of that revolving door is a standard hinged door, on which is the sign that clearly requests, Please use the revolving door.

Being in the building design industry (as I have been for 30+ years), the reason to me is obvious. A revolving door is an energy conservation item. It helps keep energy from escaping the building, whether that energy be heating in the winter or air conditioning in the summer. As such, I always use the revolving door.

I recently parked myself on a bench outside the front of that building, eating my lunch and making some cell phone calls. I noticed that very few people actually used the revolving door, even though the signs requesting to do so were clearly displayed. I might estimate that only one in ten people actually used the revolving door.

Do people have a problem with revolving doors? Do they not realize their real function? Do they refuse to use them just because it was specifically requested?

P.S. Isn't that a great title for a discussion?

What did you really think you were getting into when you clicked on it?

And how many of those people who refuse to use the revolving door are environmental loonie tunes?

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when I clicked the link, I thought you

by .Martin. In reply to Please use the revolving ...

had turned into a loonie, but it seems not.

I think people just don't understand what the revolving door is doing energy wise...

that or the company is full of bad-@sses that don't play by the rules

<edited cause there is more than one rule>

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Only to say

by santeewelding In reply to Please use the revolving ...

Where have you been, loony tune?

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Where have I been?

by maxwell edison In reply to Only to say

Going 'round and 'round in life's revolving door.

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Take a hint from AV

by santeewelding In reply to Where have I been?

Break the glass.

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Yes, good topic

by dennismoore In reply to Please use the revolving ...

I actually work in a small satellite office of a large company, and rarely go into "The Big-Smoke" as they say (aka: city).

I've never thought about revolving doors and their contribution to energy conservation, but now that you mention it, it makes sense.

But wait, what if some kids gets on one of the doors and starts spinning it incessantly? Won't he cause more air-con to be sucked out (or outside air in)?! :)

By the way, yes, good topic!

Personally, when I have to visit the city for work, I like the revolving doors. They're a bit of a novelty for me as we don't have them where I live!


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what if some kids gets on one of the doors ?

by maxwell edison In reply to Yes, good topic

You take me back to the early 1960s, when I had a ball going the revolving doors of that time.

Round and round I went.

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Took all the fun out...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to what if some kids gets on ...

These servor motors and automated braking and proximity detectors.

But I guess the revolving door isn't much of a fan, since the panes aren't curved.

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Sounds like a Noob

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Yes, good topic

or is it just me?

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Someone should give them their own web site.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Sounds like a Noob
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maybe this should be changed

by bergenfx In reply to Someone should give them ...

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