pls help me...

By dr_ahcir ·
i would like to setup a small workgroup, i'd like to install winxp pro on 15 machines, win2k on 10 machines and 5 with win98. (all machines have the same hardware specs)

1. is it possible to implement the workgroup? how? what are the procedures?
2. is file-sharing possible? what file system will i use?
3.what is the best method for installation, manual or automatic?

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It's better to get a server

by fwang In reply to pls help me...

With about 30 PCs, I think it's better you have a domain server instead of workgroup.

If you really want to do workgroup, install XP/2K/98 on one machine manually for the first time, then you can ghost it and install to other machines with the same OS.

Put all PCs under same workgroup, and create shared folder for one or multiple PCs, then you should be able to map them.

Use NTFS for XP and 2K, FAT32 for Win98.

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one method is...

by julian.bennett In reply to pls help me...

install your OS, I'd go for NTFS on all (although unsure whether 98 is compatible, in which case FAT32)... You could build one of each OS and then use imaging software like Ghost, Rapid Deployment (Altiris) to roll out the image to the remaining PC's.

sharing files may be a bit labour intensive, as there'll be no central authentication system. Each PC will do it's own security, so every time a user needs to access a file across the workgroup, they'll authenticate locally which will need a local account on the PC in question!! or just create a share on each PC with FC to the Everyone group (not very secure!!), place shared files in these folders...

There may be other better ways, but with my limited knowledge, this would be my approach...

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