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Pls help with Kazaa

By Neodragon ·
I dont know if I am in the correct place to ask this.
I need help with my computer. I use Kazaa light. Recently I downloaded a movie. That was fine. Then I noticed other uses trying to download it form my computer - that was fine. Then however I stopped them downloading from my computer by exiting Kazaa abruptly. I have watched the movie and would like to delete it from my system or at least move it. Unfortunately I keep getting an error message saying that I cant move/delete the file cause it is current;y being used by another person or program - it says this even when Kazaa is not open and even when i am not connected to the internet. It is a legit movie but I can't seem to be able to do anything with it. Can someone please suggest a way of getting rid of the movie for me.
Thanks in advance...


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by GuruOfDos In reply to Pls help with Kazaa

You are NOT in the right place for help with this issue. have asked a technical question, not posted a comment which generates a valid debate in these forums.

Secondly, all of us IT professionals have better things to do than assist people with problems they are having with software like Kazaa or WinMX. You are using a piece of software which is in many ways a 'legitimate' file sharing application, but the majority of Kazaa users are actually trading copyrighted materials and as such, use of this program is illegal and subject to pending litigation in more than one country.

Thirdly, we are not in the business of providing 'simple' answers to 'stupid' questions. Using a search engine or Kazaa's own help forums would provide you with much more information and some answers to your problem, but you need to make a little effort yourself.

You use Kazaa at your own risk (risk of infecting or corrupting your system, risk of prosecution) and you should be aware of these risks and research all these issues yourself before electing to install and use such a program.

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by Neodragon In reply to Unfortunately

Heh mate I don't know what your problem is and I don't care to know. You only needed to reply with your first line.
I am new to computers, I was desperate with my question, I was not sure whether I was posting in the correct place and I stated it. So go pick on someone who has the time and patience to argue with you instead of venting all your built up frustration from your pitiful life out on me.
By the way, thanks for your "stupid" reply.

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Don't spit fire

by Oz_Media In reply to Thanks

G.O.D.'s answer was a little harsh but he has a point. Poeple here try to look as prestigious as possible. Some of these guys have extremely successful careers and don't accept the fact that many people in the "new computing era" use software like Kazaalite.
Neither his response or yours was inline, however I tend to support towards Guru's answer as he is a very well known and respected member here. he isn't usually like that, that's my depatrment, but you probably got a nice guy on a bad day.

I've answered your respost in the Q$A section, maybe just solving your problem and moving on to another forum would be more suitable.

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Much appreciated.

by Neodragon In reply to Don't spit fire

Read ur suggestions in Q&A, will try. Thx.

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Fighting fire with fire

by GuruOfDos In reply to Don't spit fire

"...however I tend to support towards Guru's answer as he is a very well known and respected member here. he isn't usually like that..."

Well known? Potentially.

Respected? Come on Oz old buddy, this is ME we are talking about here :-)

I personally AM familiar with Kazaa and KazaaLite. I personally use WinMX (I need to transfer files to and from work and my email server won't accept attachments bigger than 20Mb...a 15 minute training video could be 1Gb or more!)

I have however had to go into a company on more than one occasion and 'undo' damage caused by an employee using one of these programs on a corporate network and downloading what purported to be "Song A" by "Artist B", but on double clicking it expecting the MP3 to play in Winamp, it unleashed a rash of nasties which totally shafted a dozen workstations!

The problem Neodragon is experiencing is actually related to the filename containing non-ANSI characters (possibly named using double-byte Asian characters somewhere in the filename). The operating system can happily create a file with such a name, but can't then delete it! Renaming the file in DOS cures the problem. Of course, a simple trawl round the Kazaa help forums would have resulted in this answer in about two minutes! Many other 'active' forum members have stated my point on many occasions. We are NOT here to save somebody the 'effort' of typing half a dozen words into Google or Copernic and doing their own search. We ARE here to offer advice and opinion where such efforts have failed. Of course, I am always happy to offer an opinion whether it is welcome or not! That's all it opinion!

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But you are GOD?

by Oz_Media In reply to Fighting fire with fire

I'm confused, you say you're not respected, however I always take your information as written, you rarely just post links that you think will make a statement. You just make the statement yourself, this I admire.

You have helped many people here and I sure as **** don't even know an ounce of your DOS knowledge so for that I say you are respected, as your comments in the discussions usually are.

I know that some lazy ******* should find his own info, I stumbled on the question in the Tech Q&A section, I was doing NOTHING AT ALL AT THE TIME so I answered (I actually thought it would be one of those, "why won't my movies play" questions.)

I then saw this thread and read it, boy, you really took my place on that one, nice pot shots! You'd make a great asshole!

But Oh well, he's probably got it figured out (after going to Kazaalite help, which is very limited if you don't use PayPal for suport).
This probably isn't the Kazaa Light that is available from the Kazaa site but from the stripped down Kazaa that is on another site, I think.

Have a good one Guru,

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by GuruOfDos In reply to But you are GOD?

"No. Just a self-made man who worhips his Creator"

As for being an arsehole...I have my moments!

There are several people on TR to whom I 'doff my cap' and bow with respect to their vastly superior knowledge and collected wisdom...people who have probably forgotten more than I will ever know. I shall not mention any names but they know who they are...oh to **** with it,why not?

TheChas, Maxwell Edison, Ralph, LordInfidel, Admin@l33tcentral (who seems to have been quiet lately??)...all these fine peeps have probably each forgotten more than I'll ever know and that ISN'T casting any aspersions on their memory! I just KNOW when I'm outclassed!

There are one or two things that I MAY possibly know that perhaps SOME don't and we all, hopefully, have something to contribute to 'our' collective knowledge. It may just be a humourous 'take' on a subject or it may be the 'killer cure' for all known computer evils.

Whatever...I do not profess to be a 'GOD' of all things technical...perhaps a 'lesser Saint' maybe ("He's no saint!!" - Theresa, me missus will tell you that!) but at the end of the day, just another lowly mortal trying to stay ahead of the game and avoid getting any deeper in the **** than I already am.

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To answer

by GuruOfDos In reply to Thanks

>>Heh mate I don't know what your problem is and I don't care to know.

I'm going to tell you anyway!! People who can't tell the difference between a Q&A posting and a Discussion Forum.

>>You only needed to reply with your first line.

No. I wanted to justify my answer...not just tell you to get lost.

>>I am new to computers, I was desperate with my question, I was not sure whether I was posting in the correct place and I stated it.

If you can download and use Kazaa then you are capable of using a search engine!

>>So go pick on someone who has the time and patience to argue with you instead of venting all your built up frustration from your pitiful life out on me.

No. I only 'pick' on people of my own size and stature or greater. My frustrations are very few and far between and I certainly don't allow them to build up. I most certainly wasn't arguing with you. I simply clarified your comment that you WERE posting in the wrong place and had the decency to point out why. My life is hardly pitiful. In fact, right now it couldn't be much better and anyone on here who regularly engages in dialoge with me will tell you why that is!

>>By the way, thanks for your "stupid" reply.

You are most welcome! But I think the term 'stupid' is misplaced. It may have been 'harsh', and was intended as such. Stupid? No. To the point? Yes. Designed to make you realise that many on here will not tolerate laziness....most definitely!

I wish you a very nice day and success with searching for the answer to your problem.

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The slap that was heard around the world!!

by jkaras In reply to To answer

Hehehe whoa GURU the slap I imagined I heard sounded like it broke the sound barrier. Which part of your anatomy did you use? Hand or your "jimmy" when you smacked him across the face?
Thx for the post it was a really boring day at work and that just made my day

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You have my support

by TheChas In reply to To answer

Hi Guru,

While your posting did read more like one from OZ than your normal style, I do not think that you were out of line.

Being a confrontation avoider, I usually leave the file sharing questions and comments alone.

The RIAA's actions here in the US finally provided the opportunity to convince my daughter to stop using the file sharing networks.

Keep up the good work.


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