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Plug Computing is Cool

By robo_dev ·
I've been playing with home automation lately. One big issue is having to have a big noisy PC in place to do anything fun.

So I started researching small embedded PCs, looking for something solid-state, low-power, reliable, and cheap.

I stumbled across 'Plug Computers'.

"A plug computer is a tiny, low power server, intended to provide network-based services within the home.

It is an always-on system, and can serve data and applications to computing devices within the home. It can also be a bridge between home computing devices and Internet-based services."

These are cool devices. Imagine a complete Linux server that is the size of a iPhone, uses 3 Watts of power, and has no power cord, as the whole computer is a wall-wart form-factor so the power prongs just stick out of the top.

Oh, and it costs $100,2817,2351505,00.asp

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So we now know someone actually using one!

by seanferd In reply to Plug Computing is Cool

I've read about these before, and they have come up on TR once or twice.

Pretty cool really. I hope you are enjoying yours (it sounds like you are).

Keep us posted on just how cool it is as you play around with it!

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Do not have one yet

by robo_dev In reply to So we now know someone ac ...

hoping santa will deliver.

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Go Santa!

by seanferd In reply to Do not have one yet

Here's hoping your Christmas wishes come true.

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