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By toniap ·
I have a dell dimension 8400 with windows xp home edition. The motherboard was replaced and now ever since that all the system would not automatically find the drivers for plug & play devices. I have also firewire card because I recently bought a canon elura65 camcorder, and it will not find the camcorder either. I tried to reinstall the os from the cd windows home edition and now that did not work. Now when I turn on my computer because the install did not complete it ask me what I want to do of these two options 1. run windows xp home edition or 2. run windows setup. How do it get rid of this and how do I fix my system so it will find the necessary drivers for the USB and firewire devices??

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by NormH3 In reply to plug & play devices

I would be willing to bet that this motherboard is a slightly different version than your original. You might want to go to and download all the latest drivers for your system. If the replacement was done by a DELL rep, I would call them back and have them return to finish the service. Leaving the unit partially operational, in my opinion, is not a satisfactory job.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to plug & play devices

It sounds very much like you have an incomplete Windows Install CD with only the necessary drivers for the original Configuration of the unit.

Either way I would be onto Dell to supply at the very least a Recovery CD for the new M'Board and reinstall the OS as different M'Boards have different driver requirements which you obviously do not have the correct drivers for. As you are unable to install the Fire-wire Card the PCI drivers are not correct so honestly it is really up to Dell to provide the correct CD to install the OS from.

Although they will claim that it was working when their tech left if they sent one out stick to your guns and demand that they supply a replacement CD to load Windows XP from that has the correct drivers.

Of course if you replaced the M'Board yourself you'll need to beg/steal/borrow or Buy a Genuine Copy of Windows XP to get the job done properly so that everything works as it should.

According to the MS EULA if you have changed the M'Board & CPU to something faster you should buy new MS Software and that doesn't just apply to the OS but to every MS Product that you have installed as you have OEM Software supplied by Dell under License to MS and if you have done a major upgrade it is up to you to solve the problems that you have created.


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by krystal190 In reply to plug & play devices

? Windows installation problems: remove the partition windows is on, recreate the partition, then reinstall windows
? You will be asked to re-activate your copy of windows since you installed a new mother board, however, you cannot do so by using the activation wizard. You will need to call Microsoft, explain you installed a new mother board and need to re-activate windows. They will give you the necessary information
? Drivers for your Camcorder are on the CD that came with your camcorder
? USB drivers are on the CD that came with your mother board.
? One more thing, please read the readme files on those respective CD?s for further installation instructions

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by sexy_chicken_man In reply to plug & play devices

what u have to do is go onto the the microsoft site and then update or download new drivers for it. if that does not work try putting on services pack 2 this will allow you to use alot more newer hardware and then update it again

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