pluggin in flash drive will not show up in drive letters

By bldsm ·
Each time I plug in my 2GB flash drive the laptop makes a noise to indicate the drive has been found and shows the found hardware ballon but it does not give me a drive letter and I cannot find the drive on any of the allocated drive letters.

Can anyone please help me before I throw the unit out the window in frustration!!!


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try plugging it

by Jesus_C In reply to pluggin in flash drive wi ...

into another computer to eliminate a fault with the flash drive itself

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Drive letters available?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to pluggin in flash drive wi ...

Are there any drive letters available? I saw a similar situation in a PC with the drives C, D and E already taken. The F: drive had been mapped to the server and the USB was available until the mapping to the logical drive F: was removed and the USB then showed up as F.

You can use the Disk Manager (under Control Panel - Administrative Tools) to reallocate drive letters, for example you can call the CD/DVD drive G instead of D, and the USB will then be show up as D.

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I have a similar problem with a 2.5 GIG Seagate

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to pluggin in flash drive wi ...

The first time that it's plugged in it fails to be seen the second time it will show up but not with anything listed on it and you will be asked to Insert a Disc to make it usable and then after plugging it in several times it will finally work. This is on a NB with either several USB External Drives fitted or not and the supplied Software from Seagate installed.

While it will eventually work it's more of a nuisance with the need to plug it in and remove it several times before it will work. It will map to D drive without anything else plugged in or to g with several USB Drives or Thumb Drives plugged in. The number of USB Devices installed doesn't seem to make any difference.


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