Plugging in flash drive - no drive letter provided

By bldsm ·
Each time I plug in my 2GB flash drive the laptop makes a noise to indicate the drive has been found and shows the found hardware ballon but it does not give me a drive letter and I cannot find the drive on any of the allocated drive letters.

Can anyone please help me before I throw the unit out the window in frustration!!!


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Probably the PC needs to have the USB Host installed first

by cjc In reply to Plugging in flash drive - ...

I have seen this with multiples of these flash drives. First you go into Device Manager (right click on My Computer and choose Manage) and then click on the Device Manager tab. Your USB device probably has the ? question mark by it so Highlight it and right click and choose update driver. At this point it will ask you if you want to search the web for the drive and you can say yes to this. At that point it should find the driver install it and add a bunch of USB controllers for the device to your USB Controllers list. Now it will be available. But it will likely have a conflict with another drive letter for example if you are on a network drive or have a cd rom drive that it conflicts with. So at this point then go to Disk Management and find the drive (It won't be C or D) and then right click and choose "Change Drive Letters or Paths" and select an unused drive letter like R: and you should have access to the drive at that point. This only works in Win2k, XP and Vista. Win98 or ME needs to have a software installed most likely to get the device to be recognized. If you are running 98 you will have issues since many devices no longer have backwards compatible support for it. Time to upgrade.

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Drive letter in use?

by dan.cox In reply to Plugging in flash drive - ...

Do you already have the letters F, G used for drive mappings?
If so then go into computer management, then into Disk Management and check that the USB key is there. It should show what drive letter is assigned to it. If a drive letter that is already in use is assigned to that device then you will need to assign it a different drive letter.

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What OS are you running?

by Alpha-Male In reply to Plugging in flash drive - ...

If it's 98 for example, you'll need to install a driver for your USB drive.

If you boot with the drive connected does it assign it a letter? I saw this a while ago on an older laptop. I reformatted the USB drive once it came up from the boot and it worked fine after that.

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try this

by jordanspcrepair In reply to Plugging in flash drive - ...

click start, click run, type in "services.msc" without the quotations.

find both the logical disk manager service and the logical disk manager administrative service. make sure they are both started and set to automatic startup. you might check and make sure the removable storage service to also started.

hope this helps.

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flash drive fix

by ctn87563 In reply to Plugging in flash drive - ...

Flash drives by default are drive F

If you already have a drive F then your flash drive does not appear.

Disconnect your F drive electronically and then put your flash drive in again and it will be there!

here is the little program i use that prevent this problem from happening again by automatically renameing the drive letter to one that is not in use


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