plz help

By bilal_al_ghoch ·
i have an acer laptop and i forget the bois password
so can you send me the bois cracker

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NO what you need to do is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to plz help

Remove the battery and then open up the user manual and see where the jumper to clear the BIOS or it may be called CMOS is, or remove the CMOS Battery for several minutes with no power connected at all.

If this works you'll get an error message that your hardware has changed and the date is incorrect or something along those lines. You'll be prompted to enter BIOS and reset the BIOS which should just entail entering the correct Time & Date everything else should be detected and saved when you exit BIOS and then the system should work normally.

Generally speaking a BIOS Password only prevents you from entering BIOS to make changes and shouldn't have any other impact let alone prevent the system from booting up.

If the system is booting but you are unable to open Windows you need the Windows Password and if you have any Encrypted Files using a Password Cracker will delete the Encryption Keys so all your data will be rubbish and unusable.


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