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Plz Sugesst me

By humraz24 ·
Hi Folks,

I am new for Windows and my users are using Paltalk software on DSL(Digital Sub. Line)in windows XP, I used alot of programs to block this software to use in my network. Unfortunatly i am unable to block them. Please can any body sugesst me how to block Paltalk to use in my network and to stop mis use of the network and to avoid hacking of network. As i heard from some of my friends, they sugessted me to change config. in registry, but they also unable to give me exact solution.
Kindly can anybody plz sugesst me a best solution for this.
Thnx alot

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I recommend talking to management

by stress junkie In reply to Plz Sugesst me

When end users are doing things that they shouldn't that is a behavior problem. Behavior problems are best addressed through management. If people are doing things with the computers that they aren't supposed to do then they should be fired. Don't waste your time trying to outsmart them. You will just create a game with them.

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by Choppit In reply to Plz Sugesst me

Stress Junkie is correct in that the problem is with your users. It's best addressed by introduction of management backed policy and disciplinary measures if necessary. Technically there are a few things you can do, although actually blocking use of these types of apps (once installed) can prove difficult.

1) Lock down your PCs to prevent unauthorised software installs.

2) Scan network resources and delete installers for any programs you don't want used on the network.

3) Block downloads at the firewall. I use IPCop and URLfilter to block certain downloads.

4) Run auditing software to identify unauthorised installs.

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Block the ports

by eddiekeator In reply to Plz Sugesst me

At the very least...

However, where are the Computer Use Policies? If you don't have them, I suggest that you craft them, have them reviewed by management and HR, and implement them. Have each employee read, understand and sign the Computer Use Policy ASAP.

What about security of the machines they use. At the very least, set their profile to roaming, standard users, and lock down your machines.

You need better security for your PC's. PalTalk can choke your DSL bandwidth... what else is choking it. Do you know what else is on your network?

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