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    PM Tasks


    by old speckled hen ·

    Does anyone have a definitive/comprehensive list of what a Project Manager does?
    What I mean is, as well as the overall tasks such as ‘Managing the Project’ and ‘Responsible for its Success’, what does it involve on a day-to-day basis to achive these goals?
    Rather than what skills and experience the PM should have, what I am looking for is a list of tasks, responsibilities, duties, authority, etc. that the PM has perform.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

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      Lots of answers

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to PM Tasks

      And your mileage may vary. PMs are different in virtually every organisation. So are the expectations.

      At a high level…

      Create the Project Plan, define Scope, establish success criteria, develop and communicate the communication plan, define and obtain signoff on the requirements, establish the WBS, identify known risks and develop a mitigation strategy (continues throughout project), create/maintain the action plan (continues throughout project), manage the issues/resolution list (continues throughout project), create and communicate the implementation plan, manage budget, communicate status (throughout the project), insure purchasing, select vendors (depends on environment), motivate team, determine interdependancy on other projects in flight, and occaisionally eat lunch.

      I am certain to have missed points, but that is the basic list.

      The initial statement is the most true. Different companies use project managers differently. I have worked in structures in which my team members reported only to me, I have been other places where my tean reported to a functional manager. In some cases I had a great deal of direct authority, in others it was influence without authority.

      Is there a way to narrow the question so that you are getting more helpful information?

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