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    PMP certification Preparation


    by bakwas.reg ·

    I am planning to take the PMP certification. I am currently using Rita Mulcahy. Can anyone recommend computer based practice tests that will mimic the 200 question/ 4 hour style.

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      PMP Certification Exam Simulation

      by shawn t. futterer, pmp ·

      In reply to PMP certification Preparation

      There are a good number of PMP Exam Prep providers that host exam simulation. I personally recommend It’s effective and inexpensive.

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      try the Method mock exam, it is amazingly similar and representative

      by williamswilliams2 ·

      In reply to PMP certification Preparation

      I have been researching this subject myself. New PMP’s who used the PMP mock exam by a company called Method corp have been giving very positive feedback on how close these questions and how helpful they were in passing the exam.
      You can buy them online off their website via secure payment method.
      Good Luck

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      Re: PMP certification Preparation

      by jblack ·

      In reply to PMP certification Preparation

      You will find thousands of free PMP Exam prep questions here:

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      PMP Book

      by mheen ·

      In reply to PMP certification Preparation

      Can anyone recommend a good book to use for someone who is not technical that will help to pass the exam but also teach good theory?

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        Andrew Crowe’s PMP Exam Prep

        by natalie_lambert2001 ·

        In reply to PMP Book

        “Passing on your first try”…I didn’t pass, but I still found it was a great book and I know a few people who use it. The only other one I have heard rave reviews on is Rita Maculough’s (sp?) book.

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      Cost of Rita Mulcahy book

      by mathiks1982 ·

      In reply to PMP certification Preparation


      What is cost of that. Is it possible to download from net.

      Thanks in advance

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      PMP Exam simulation software

      by antonysureshs ·

      In reply to PMP certification Preparation

      Is there a link to download Rita’s exam simulation software for free

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      How I successfully prepare for PMP

      by jojy2010 ·

      In reply to PMP certification Preparation

      Preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam is the first step to take in earning a PMP certification. The PMP exam is the test that is taken in order to earn the PMP certificate and prove your expertise in the practice of standardized PM principles. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is offers eligible candidates the opportunity to earn the PMP certification. The main resource for the Project Management Professional is the PMBOK (Project Management Body of knowledge). The PMBOK is the bible of prospective PMPs; it is also a collection of articles, books and published top practices in the project management discipline. Here is a step by step guide on how to prepare for the PMP exam: First apply for a PMI membership; you can do this by visiting the PMI website Though PMI members are not really required to take the PMP test, but it is strongly recommended that they do – members enjoy a substantial discount and other benefits as well. Get the latest PMBOK edition. Please be informed that the PMP test is actually based on Project Management Body of Knowledge. Exam candidates will need to digest not only the principles in this particular resource material, but also the underlying research and concepts. You can get the PMBOK at any major internet based bookshop or on the PMI website. You should enroll to sit for the test. Application procedure is necessary for taking the PMP test. You need to understand that the process that needs to be approved before sitting for the exam may actually take some time because you will need to ensure that you complete quite a number of tasks in order to fulfil the application request. For instance, the PMP exam application process will require you to list the number of projects that you have actually managed. It is also vital that you keep in mind that projects do not essentially have to be consist of the actions executed in a corporate environment. For instance, you may carryout a project of digging a community borehole and supplying the water to residents who live up hill and simply apply the principles of project management to this particular activity. For individuals who are lucky enough to occupy the positions of project manager in a corporate environment, they should take advantage of every opportunity to apply project management principles in their work activities and record the processes and results. It is important that you complete the application as quickly as you possibly can as soon as you have made up your mind to sit for the project management exam. As soon as you have been approved to sit for the PMP test, make sure lay your hands on PMP test questions and ensure that you are consistently scoring at least 75 to 90 percent. You can get a PMP to mentor you – a lot of PMPs are ready to assist you in whatever way they can. Make sure you devote some time to studying and stick to your study routine like glue! Remember, the PMP exam will not be difficult to pass at first attempt as long as you study hard and know all there is to know about the exam. For Preparing for the PMP Exam, I personally recommend PMPrepcast which earned me the PMP Certificate.

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      prepare for PMP Certification

      by maschataylor ·

      In reply to PMP certification Preparation

      I put my advice and coaching together in a free newsletter called the PMP Guide.

      The first issues cover requirements and how to document your experience, then go into an overview of the exam and considerations for studying. Also, what’s the audit process like if you are selected, etc. There’s a lot of answers to your one simple question!

      I do recommend you have a plan whatever you do, and avoid boot camps.

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