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PMP certification

By rajeshchandupatla ·
Hi Folks,
This is rajesh, i wanna looking for the project management certification.'ll any one help in guiding how to prepare for this certification and where can i find the material for preparation.
Your advice is appriciated.
yhanking You,

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by JamesRL In reply to PMP certification

If you want the PMP certtification, then check out - it is all there.

Thye PMP is not designed for people who want to enter the field, its designed for seasoned and experienced project managers who want to formally certify the knowledge they have gained.


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by Garion11 In reply to PMP

Where is a good place to start with some experience of such nature? Project Management is something I am starting to enjoy the more I read about it, although I haven't gone into much detail or formalized it with my current job. Its more rollouts, go lives, IMACs, etc. Would that even qualify as project management or am I way off base?

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Definition of Project management

by JamesRL In reply to Naturally

Its pretty broad.

A project is a temporary endevour understaken to create a unique product or service.(Wikipedia) A project manager manages the resources of a project (Schedule/labour/deliverables).

I'm sure some of the aspects you have done qualify as project management. Whether they qualify for the PMI's standard is another question.

There is also the question of large projects or programs. From PMI's perspective, you need to have a number of hours leading something, but not necessarily be the project manager - for example if you lead the budgetary aspect of a project, or were responsible for the design, it would count.

Project Management and PMI is not IT specific. The principles are the same whether its building a bridge or a piece of software, you go through the same steps.

The catch with the definition is the uniqueness. Building the protoype of a car is a unique project. Setting up the assembly line for a new vehicle is a project. Keeping the assembly line going is maintenance, and producing the same car over and over again is manufacturing. The helpful part is that in projects, the teams usually are formed for the project and disperse after the project completes.


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PMP Certification

by h.slim In reply to PMP certification

Hi Rajesh,

Consult this site, i beleive it is a good start point to get the info requested


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For General or Specific IT fields

by Faisal.Yahya In reply to PMP certification


you may check on COMPTIA for their IT Project Management certification. this is I guess for entry level since no experience needed.

once you gain your certification as IT project management and work as IT Project Manager for several years. then take yourself PMI course and then proceed with their certification. this will make yourself PMP degree.

hope this help.


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pmi pm cert info and prep for pmp cert exam

by hook88 In reply to PMP certification


pmi offers 2 types of pm certifications: project management professional (pmp) and certified associate in project management (capm). the eligibility criteria differences are in pm experience and pm education.

pmp requires 7,500 hours in a position of responsibility leading and directing specific tasks and 60 months of project management experience AND 35 hours of pm education.

capm requires 1,500 hours of work on a project team OR 23 hours of formal education.

my preparation for the pmp exam involved taking a pm class in grad school, self-study using pmbok, exam prep book and cd rom by rita mulcahy, and a study group.

there are numerous exam prep books and material available as well as exam prep courses/boot camps. it all depends on your preferences for learning, and the amount of money and time you can commit.

tony hook, pmp

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learn about proj mgmt 1st

by Dr Dij In reply to PMP certification

as others mentioned you need years in proj mgmt to apply for pmp cert exam.

I'd suggest you 1) read on topic. lots of good books out there. you can read hundreds online wihtout buying htem all on or subscribe to, more limited (you can't read all the books at once) but easier to pay for with monthly subs.

if interested in IT / pgmg, has dozens of courses with 3 or more groupings around PMP cert prep, intro proj mgmt, and also the RUP (rational unified process) which recommends iterations during IT systems projects rather than the 'waterfall' approach of listing all the tasks and doing them. this mentions but does not require use of the rational software from IBM.

these courses are cheap, are in convenient 3 hour or so chunks and require you to answer questions to be sure you learn something from them before progressing, and are web based subscriptions for a year. several dozen certs - from each course you complete with 70% or above - shows perspective employers you are serious about plugging away and learning.

Finally, you can download demos from major proj mgmt software and use these. Remember tho, proj mgmt is not about producing a spiffy gantt chart, it is about tracking details, risks, enumerating wants of clients and stakeholders, and much (most) of the job is about organizing detail and communicating with people and resolving conflicts.

India is sorely lacking in project managers so you'll have a bright future. Project management, far from being overhead, is critical to prevent projects derailing and completing on time, with results of what the client wanted.

Also try visiting their simulation software (you can view a webcast with them) helps companies simulate software (not RAD) instead of mountains of paper specs. sofea's Profesy is a similar software.

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PMP Certification

by l_pramod In reply to PMP certification

Dear Rajesh,

I am not sure if you are still looking for information on PMP exam, but if you are still anxious, I recommend to you.

Here, you will find complete information on the exam, along with links to free sample questions and mock exams.

Best Regards,

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Approach for preparation

by ameetsetlur In reply to PMP certification

Here's my blog with a 25 week to PMP step by step information. Please feel free to distribute

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