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PMS (Preferred Machine Syndrome)

By vandale ·
In the mid-1980s, I was part of a management team at a hospital in New Mexico that made a decision to bring NCR MS-DOS based PCs and a Unix based supermicrocomputer into the hospital. The application that most managers wanted was Lotus 1-2-3, so it seemed like a reasonable decision to purchase PCs.
Payroll was the main application on the supermicrocomputer and NCR had a solid product.

Overall, I felt that the computing team had done a solid job. The staff had asked for a Phillips-screw driver and we didn?t say: ?Here what you need is a hammer.? Just after the rollout, I got my first taste of PMS. I got my chops busted by a lab tech over not picking Apple and a senior manager complained that we did not buy IBM for the supermicrocomputer.

Over the years, I have been staggered by the emotions and attachment some IT Professionals show to a particular brand. I was even got caught up in it: I bleed Novell red for a decade. I felt like I lost a child when I heard my largest Novell network had switched to Windows.

Have you seen this? I am collecting info.

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Many times

by JamesRL In reply to PMS (Preferred Machine Sy ...

Probably the most annoying time was when I was working for a Fortune 100 company.

It was 1993, and the company was preparing to provide internet access to all employees. The research division had been using the internet through an HPUX proxy for some time. We proposed doing the same thing, just buying more HPUX boxes.

New VP of IT services comes in. He doesn't propose that we look at alternatives, he dictates that we will buy IBM. These would be the first and only IBMs in an organization with thousands of HPUX servers, and tens of thousands of HP workstations. There were an odd smattering of Sun servers.

The cost was the kicker. The IBMs would cost us 1.5X what the equivalent HPUX would cost, plus we'd have to get some people trained to support it.

It took two months for us to get him to reverse his arbitrary decision.


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Early exposures

by mjd420nova In reply to PMS (Preferred Machine Sy ...

In the early days, before the IBM PC's, the top word processing machine was the Xerox 820 terminals and used a huge 8 inch floppy disk. Many pharmacies had Qume terminals and the VAX 11/70 as a minicomputer and server units. I set up a data base system using HP terminals and an IBM System 36 for storage. Things have really come a long ways since then.

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