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    Pocket PC ActiveSync 3.5 via RAS Server


    by williamc ·

    Using an IPAQ Pocket PC 2002 I am dialing into a RAS Server and trying to reach back down the LAN to a Windows 2000 PC running ActiveSync 3.5
    I have verified that I have established an IP connection as I can ping the device address from the PC, also I can surf on the Pocket PC via our proxy. I have even entered static WINS entries but cannot establish a sync session. ActiveSync via USB cradle is functioning and system is set to listen on LAN. Our address scheme is 192.168.1.x not 192.168.55.x as referred in some documentation (does this matter) Is there a restriction on this type of connection or do I have to use the forthcoming Mobile Information Server (beta). I would appreciate any ideas on how to make this work. Thank you.

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      Pocket PC ActiveSync 3.5 via RAS Server

      by rgrowcock ·

      In reply to Pocket PC ActiveSync 3.5 via RAS Server

      Couple of things that I’ve seen with an IPAQ:
      1. Do you have the device in the cradle when trying to connect via RAS?
      2. Are you just trying to Sync across the network or with the device connected to a cradle?
      3. What have you entered in for WINS on the handheld? Your main WINS server or the PC you are trying to sync with?

      Here are a couple of things for you to try.
      1. You should be able to sync with the handheld out of the cradle using a NIC. Or surf with the handheld out of the cradle. When you have a NIC installed and the device is in the cradle, I have seen this being the problem.
      2. If you want to sync via the network to your local computer, the WINS address needs to be that computer’s IP address.
      3. Make sure the handheld has an account and partnership with the host computer.
      4. Make sure that your RAS settings are correct, “make and receive calls” for one.

      Hope this helps! Getting a device to connect to and sync with a computer over a network connection is a pain. But once it works, you’re Golden. Roger

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