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Pocket PC/PDA

By uberg33k50 ·
I am trying to decide on the best solution for a Pocket PC/PDA that allows you to manage your network remotely or at least monitor it. Since there is some really great trustworthy talent here I thought I would ask you folks what you use. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Depending on what...

by dawgit In reply to Pocket PC/PDA

What it is that you expect it to do for you. Or it is that you need.
I'm not quite sure what you mean by the monitoring. Which is monitoring which? And how? These can be important issues also.
Let us know. -d

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by uberg33k50 In reply to Depending on what...

I didn't mean to be unclear and I am not sure what is possible. I seem to remember reading or hearing that it is possible to connect and check for issues on your network or to actually send commands to make corrections from a PDA or Pocket PC. If dealing with a MS network I would think something that runs the MS Mobile 5 software would be the best choice but I could be way off and I think that is what I need to find out. Plus reading the specs on some of these devices make them all sound wonderful. They have user reviews but I don't know those people or what capacity they are using them. Someone who is using one to play music and text message giving a device a 10 out of 10 wouldn't mean much to me. Thanks again.

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Don't be...

by dawgit In reply to sorry

Those are my thoughts on this as well. No, I think that your use or ability to use any device for that will depend on your location. Since you will be primarily useing a wireless connection, how is the coverage in all the possible areas where you would be? A big question I of course can't answer from here. Inter-operability with what you'll be communicating with should not be too big a problem if you go with a Windows-Windows enviroment. And also when ever possible, a broad-band connection is a good idea too. (for power also, bateries don't last forever) To be honest, a PDA is good, but for only a few houndred $'s a small Note book will be a better investment. And you won't be as limited as to what you can do with it. -d

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While it's certainly possible

by TonytheTiger In reply to Pocket PC/PDA

It's not really convenient. A wireless laptop is better. If you really need it though most any Windows Pocket PC with wireless would work. They have a terminal services client and if you use VNC you can get that for a Palm or PocketPC.

The only gotcha I can think of (at least with mine, an IPAQ 4355) was that every switch to a different access point required a reset. Running the wireless also greatly reduces battery run time.

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by uberg33k50 In reply to While it's certainly poss ...

That does help. Battery run time seemed to be an issue with a lot of the reviews I read so far.

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Got one

by uberg33k50 In reply to While it's certainly poss ...

Hey Tony -- I looked at all the others and then based on what you said here I just bought a 4355. Can't wait to get it and start playing with it. Thanks for your help and everyone else who responded as well.

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VNC and e-mail monitoring

by wallowamichael In reply to Pocket PC/PDA

I used to run VNC on my Palm Vx and be able to run all my servers and critical devices. Sometimes the screen scaling made things difficult, but it was better than driving to fix a 10 minute problem!<BR><BR>
I have the added benefit now of a monitoring server (Server Monitor Pro now, but What's Up Gold is good, too). It e-mails when there's a problem with whatever it is that's being monitored. I get the e-mail on my pda, and can then decide if I need to fix it right then or if it can wait until morning.<BR><BR>
I also don't run VNC any more due to security and exploit issues with it, but VPN software is available for Pocket PC.<BR><BR>
Good Luck!

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