Pocket PC to wireless projector

By ebarsamian ·
I have a Pocket PC running windows mobile 5, and a new Toshiba wireless projector.

I'm trying to be able to use my Pocket PC phone to connect and display my Powerpoint presentation, and I can get to the point where the projector says it's ready for the image, and my Pocket PC says it's connected to the projector's wireless ad-hoc connection, but I can't get the image on the projector.

Has anyone ever done anything like this, or is it even possible? Short of a wireless connection, is there a wired way of plugging in my Pocket PC to the projector?

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No, I have not, but

by w2ktechman In reply to Pocket PC to wireless pro ...

could there be a resolution problem? If both devices can connect, but the image will not show, this can be the cause

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Firstly I don't even know if this is possible

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Pocket PC to wireless pro ...

But as the previous poster has said it could be a screen resolution issue. Generally speaking the Pocket PC's use very low Screen Resolutions and these may be below the ability of the projector to actually display.

That is about the only thing that I can think of here as if you are being told that you have a connection between the two items but are unable to get a working display that is what I would be looking at.

The best way to check this out is to grab the owners manuals and read up on the display resolution on the Pocket PC and compare the upper limit on this to the lower limit on the Projector and see if they are compatible. That is the most likely reason that you are not getting a display from the projector.

I'm taking it for granted that the Projector is telling you on the screen that it's connected and ready to accept input from the source device here.


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by ebarsamian In reply to Firstly I don't even know ...

Thanks. Yes, the Pocket PC says it's connected to the ad-hoc wireless connection, and the projector says "Waiting for input image", so I think the connectivity is there.

I'll check the resolution compatibility and see.

Thanks again.

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YES it is possible

by Fred123456 In reply to Pocket PC to wireless pro ...

We use a wireless projector and I have used my pocket pc to push the presentation to the projector. But you have to have the client for the projector on your Pocket PC device. At least with our projector/wireless system, which happents to be inFocus. I had to dl the client called LiteShow from inFocus to my handheld and run the client on my PocketPC. This is 3 year old technology so if your hardware is newer it may have a different way to push the image to the projector.

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Wow,, one Question Fred123456

by SerSaVy In reply to YES it is possible

How are you?
I have a question.

Well, My University has a epson 1725 powerlite projector (wireless) and I want connect my Hp pocket PC to these projector, but... I don?t know how? because I don?t have the drivers installed in my pocket pc.
There is other way for connect my device to projector.

My MSN es


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No - you need the drivers ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wow,, one Question Fred12 ...

In order to interface ANY two pieces of computer hardware, there MUST be a commonality between them - this comes in the form of the DRIVERS.

Check on the Epson and the HP sites for suitable driver software, but from what I've seen the HP site only lists drivers for HP projectors:

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