Point certain MAC addresses to a 2nd DNS server

By ryan ·
I need some workstations to get DNS from a windows server 2003 DNS server while leaving everything else alone. I am using a linux box as my router.

Isn't there a way to tell the linux router to point certain MAC addresses to another DNS server? What file do I add this info to and what would the entry look like?

Thanks a lot!

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Lacks information

by Fregeus In reply to Point certain MAC address ...

There is no enough information in your original post to give you an answer. Please supply more details of your setup, equipement, software in ordre for us to get an accurate picture of what you are trying to do.


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by Dumphrey In reply to Point certain MAC address ...

set up static addresses on those machines and point them at the dns server manually.... or even use dhcp, but over ride by assigning a manual dns.

Or caonfigure your dhcp server with reservations for those mac addresses and assign a different dns info for those macs...

A tad more data about your infrastructure can help us help you.

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by ryan In reply to Point certain MAC address ...

Well we have a router that is currently serving DHCP and DNS. However we are setting up a test windows server 2003 DC so I will be using a few workstations on it. I have AD & DNS setup on the DC but I can't ping the DC by it's host name. Something with DNS is wrong. I hoped that by pointing these workstations to the windows server for DNS they would connect to the DC.

I just tried manually pointing DNS on the workstations to the windows server. Now they can ping each other by hostname but the workstations can not surf. ie: means nothing to them. And I still can't join the domain. I get the error message

The following error occurred attempting to join the domain "testpdc":
the specified server cannot perform the requested operation.

I am trying to join with an admin account.

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The router is doing DNS?

by Dumphrey In reply to DNS

Sweet. Over all it sounds like you are having several issues.
1)Is the AD DNS server set up with a forwarder to reach the internet?
2)Is the machine (domain controller) listed by name in the original DNS? Having two competing dns servers on one subnet can cause conflict, but not nearly as bad as competing dhcp.

What i would do is add the DC to the existing network, make sure you have connectivity.
Install DNS on the AD machine, and disable it on the router. you will need to enter in static addresses for some things (some router and switches will not auto-register nor will many older Win machines (pre 2000 iir)). Program the dhcp on the router to pass out the AD machine as DNS. Test pingage.
Then set up reservations.
Is their any particular reason beyond testing to have two dns servers? I have found MS DNS to be 1000% easier to config then Bind, but over the long haul, Bind is more stable.

IIR Bind offers per client settings...
But you may want to post that question on (Do not read this part Beth...I love TR really).

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by ryan In reply to The router is doing DNS?

I wasn't clear on dns/the router. The router is hosting dhcp and DNS on the workstations will show as which is the routers IP, but the router is pointing to the DNS IP. Hope that is more clear.

The AD DNS server is not setup with a forwarder to reach the internet... at least I don't believe so. I'm new to DNS on windows. How do I setup a forwarder? Is it in the dnsmgmt snap in under, Forward Lookup Zones> What do I need to enter here?

I'm not sure what you mean by is the DC listed by name in the original DNS?

I can't switch DNS over to the windows server. My boss does not want that. We did it once and our VoIP had issues. The linux router has some custom stuff on it that needs to stay in place.

Could I manually change the AD server over to for the subnet without changing anything on the router? If so, then what settings would the workstations need?

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