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Point to Point Text Calls with Computer

By Shanghai Sam ·
I have a Windows 98SE computer with HyperAccess (V8.32) by Hilgraeve installed. I would like to be able to make direct-dialed, Point to Point Text Calls in Real Time without having to go online, use a chat program or a Relay Service. Can anyone offer any advice on what I would need to do to be able to open the program and click on an entry from the phone book and have the computer dial the number and connect so that I would be able to type to the person at the other terminal, and have them typea reply directly to me. This will be used as a TDD between two ASCII computers, not the traditional 45.5 baud rate of a TDD. (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf).

I have phone numbers entered in the phone book and can make the computer dial the number, and it rings the number at the other location, but I am having a problem getting the two machines to connect.

Do I need to type a modem string into the modem properties page? If so what would I type? Do I need to enter something in theRuntime Values section of the program?
It shows Values 0 through 9 (10 values) but all are blank.

There is also listed:


"Script to Run Before Connection"

"Script to Run Upon Connection"

"Script to Run at Disconnection"

All of which show "None".

Last, do I need to enter all the same info into all the machines I want to make this type call to?

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Point to Point Text Calls with Computer

by TimTheToolMan In reply to Point to Point Text Calls ...


I'm fairly sure the two computers will still communicate with the IP protocol for terminal connections so you need to ensure that the two machines have static IP addresses in the same subnet.

Without this, they wont make a connection.

The scripts you mentioned above are there for special operations on the modem. I doubt you'll need to do anything with those, unless you needed to change something like the baud rate!

Or is it that the modem at the far end isn't even answering? If that was the case, then you need to send the "answer" code to the modem and then "write it" to make it permanent.;EN-US;q164660

(remove spaces from the above URL)

Incidently, you could use scripts above for setting it, but I usually communicate with the modem in the HyperTerminal... or HyperAccess should also do it.


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