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After logging on with user id and password, my laptop will not load Windows (in any mode) and, after unsuccessfully attempting to load Windows, it jumps back to the blank Pointsec log in screen. It was working perfectly until my husband updated the McAfee antivirus software and now I cannot get into my computer at all - everything goes back and stops at the Pointsec log in screen. Please help! This is an older laptop given to me with the Pointsec in place. I have no "IT Dept" to contact. Thank you very much!

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See other thread

by oldbaritone In reply to Pointsec Question

same question.


A couple of suggestions filtered from that thread (I don't know if they work or not) There's lots more, but it looks like you'll need the floppy (maybe a USB stick) and if you don't have it, it may be tough to get your data back.

First,check for the recovery file thats created when you have installed the PointSec on the computer.If this not there then forget about the data in the HDD.

If you have the recovery file, then unlock the file to a floppy diskette(it'll be a bootable disk). From any other system where pointsec is installed(from make
recovery disk option that is there in the programs in start menu).

After this,boot the system with this floppy,then it will ask for decrypt(choose all drives).

Run CP Clean or decrypt with the the boot floppy that has to be created from the recovery console where the accounts are stored.

When you see the Pointsec PC loading screen press and hold both shift keys. Turn off the USB in that menu. The press 9 to continue.

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