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police for the technicians

By osvaldo_da_rosa ·
I need to write a police for the IT Technicians.You know, when you configure a new machine, depending on the company, you should have a rule, on what to install, and what not.Can someone please email me a draft, of the rules of their own company,or redirect me to a site?

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to police for the technician ...

Do a search on Standard Operating Environment, or SOE. That will give you plenty of sites with tips what to include.

A lot depends on the business you are in. The user departments usually have their preferences. Security policy is very significant, dictating if the users have access to email and the internet.

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by master3bs In reply to police for the technician ...

In addition to the above answer, be sure you make it clear what behavior is and is not acceptable in email and on the web.

I would restrict peer-to-peer software, non-work related chats and IM's, don't allow any user to install or uninstall software without IT approval and all the obvious stuff (porn, etc.)

Additionally, have it written in your policy that all internet and email activity may be monitored and recorded and have everyone sign the policy. Whether or not you intend to monitor or not; the situation may happen in the furure and this protects you (which happened where I work.)

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by OTL In reply to police for the technician ...

In a sentence, If you do not have the OEM software and a license, do not install it or be fired !

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by wlbowers In reply to police for the technician ...

Most professionals already know what is "authorized" and what is not.

The problem is the users. But here is an example.

Base configuration of the OS.

Some if not all companies will require removal of some items like games, online services, ect.

Administrator accounts will have strong password protection.

Users will operate under just that a user account.

Software that is not company authorized is not allowed.

All software disk and keys will be kept in the IT department.

A list of the software, their keys, and their versions, will be kept for each computer. Identified by computer serial number.

No computer will go in service till all OS updates, antivirus with updates, and firewall have been installed and configured where necessary.

Software that is hacked is not allowed, and is grounds for dismissal when found on a company machine.

P2P software is not allowed.

Freeware and shareware has to be submitted for approval before installation to company machines.

We only get 2000 characters but this will give you a good start. You will get more from other techs.


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