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Policies for the technician

By sjkirschner ·
I see all kinds of policies for security and what a user can and cannot do, but where can I find policies and procedures for the technical staff to follow?

I've been put into a new position where I am in a supervisory position of nearly 20 people....and they never had a policy or a procedure to follow. It's been an "on your honor" system and it IS NOT working. I'd like to start implementing policies and procedures for them to follow but am not sure where to start or, for that matter, how to start.

Any suggestions/recommendations?

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Policies for the technician

by Maelgwyn In reply to Policies for the technici ...

Ok, firstly you need to outline what the policies are required to do. If it is internet usage or unauthorised programs, then make sure that you target them wholly.


1. Find out what the companys policy in relation to the offence
2. Think up of appropriate reprocussions
3. Make sure you clearly word each policy and their associated reprocussions
4. Use something like a staff meeting to go over these policies with the staff, and then maybe make corrections/adjustments to ensure that you are not being too heavy handed/light
5. Lastly, ensure that it is enforced. That will be something that you will need to do.

ENSURE! Ensure that you keep the people above you in the corporate ladder well informed. This way, you will find that people who like to go above you, cannot, because you have given the policy makers a heads-up, and they can also be active in this approach.

Hopefully that helps on how to get a brief outline to start, and happy policy making.


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Policies for the technician

by Oldefar In reply to Policies for the technici ...

Working for a goverment agency, you need to review any policy impacting employees with the appropriate board. In your case, this is the personnel board.

"Sec. 94-32. Authority of the personnel board. The personnel board shall be the final authority in all matters relating to personnel policy and personnel actions for offices, agencies and employees subject to the provisions of this article."

Procedures are another matter. A procedure defines the steps for given tasks so that there is a consistent, repeatable effort and result. Here you want to tackle the need based on impact.

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Policies for the technician

by Pet In reply to Policies for the technici ...

I'd like to address your enquiry by splitting it into 2 parts. Policies are not the same as procedures. Policies give boundaries on what employees can or cannot do, while procedures describe how things are done.

Typically policies are generallythe same for users as they are for technicians, ie neither users nor techs can surf for porn, send hate mail, forward offensive jokes, etc. Policies are intended to guide all staff. This is often an HR function, but certainly IT should be includedin developing them. For policies, talk to your HR people and if you don't have an HR department, then talk to senior management about the needs of your organization.

The second issue is procedures. My last company had both a policy manual for all employees, plus a specific procedures manual for each department. The procedures manual described how things got done, who did them, when, who is responsible, how to request services, expectations, etc.

You could simply start by listing what your employees are each responsible for, what services they provide, and how other departments can use their services. It doesn't have to be too complex, but it definitely should be clear and understandable. Keep techno jargon out.

Remember that for a procedures manual, your target audience are non-technical people who, for instance, might want to find out what to do to get some new software installed, or have a new development project in mind.

As this is my first tech answer, I'm not entirely sure if I'm allowed to say this (it wasn't addressed in the FAQ) but my consulting service provides help with epolicies, or policies relating to email, web surfing, file sharing, etc. Please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to helpyou further.

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