Policies in Windows Server 2003

By lynnecarla ·
I have Win Server 2003, and a lab of 20 computers. I have tried to set policies for students to be able to change their desktop pictures, and for the start menu to show their most recently used applications. and I want to get rid of some of the icons there. I have gotten it to show the latest app, but that is lost when they use another. Please tell me what settings I need to change to fix this, and if there are any security risks involved. Can right clicking be enabled for them?

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Roaming Profiles

by scott_heath In reply to Policies in Windows Serve ...

To keep user specific info from PC to PC you would need to use romaing profiles.

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Mandatory Profiles

by Jbolling In reply to Roaming Profiles

Another possible solution is the use of Mandatory Profiles which would allow each student to have the same desktop environment that you could then customize with GPO's. A more detailed explanation of the process can be found here: (

I hope this helps,

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Good Suggestions, and a repeat question

by lynnecarla In reply to Mandatory Profiles

Thank you both. I think I will use roaming profiles for my 'students' and 'staff' groups, and Mandatory profiles for my generalized 'Primary' group. although, as the tech file suggested, I might be better off just setting the policy instead of using the mandatory. the thing I like about the mandatory idea is that you can set what icons show up every time. that sounds a lot easier than putting the needed icons in the 'allusers' desktop folder on each computer, as I had been instructed to do by my adviser.

Is it a security risk to allow each student to to set their own desktop image? and how to do it? Is this allowed with a roaming profile? Currently I am allowing changing of the start menu, and adding shortcuts to the desktop, but they cannot change the desktop properties.

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Desktop Image

by Tig2 In reply to Good Suggestions, and a r ...

If you want to allow your students to personalize the desktop, consider restricting them to the canned backgrounds provided in the OS. This way they get some flexibility and you don't have to worry that they are getting things from the web or a home computer that may not be safe.

From a roaming profile, I think that you are absolutely restricted to the wallpaper that is available through the OS.

Good luck!

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Roaming Profiles...

by scott_heath In reply to Desktop Image

A roaming profile that is not mandatory is just like any other profile. So be careful where they store big files. If someone copies a 30MB file to their My Docs it can eat up space or cause the profile to not copy if the user has a disk quota.

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Roaming Profiles and Bandwidth

by Jbolling In reply to Roaming Profiles...

If the availability of Bandwidth on the network segment is a concern, please keep in mind that all files and folders stored on a given students' Roaming Profile will be copied to whichever machine they log on to in the Domain. For example, if a student stores a 30 GB file in their local "My Documents" folder it will be copied upon login to another machine using the Roaming Profile. I'm not sure if this is a concern in your environment, but it's always a good thing to keep in mind.

Best of luck,

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