Policies on remote servers

By Sprocket ·
We have several sites each with a member server. I want to create a policy on each server that only affects each person that is connected to that server. Everyone often moves around sites so the policy for that server cant be linked to their profile directly.

How can you create a policy that links and only affects the current users connected to a server.

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Yes! Need to check !

It should be possible , create OU's for each site and move the users / computers on to that OU --> apply group policy for that OU and ensure to set no Override !

Hope this would work , let me know if you might need any info - we can discuss

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not quite what I am after

by Sprocket In reply to Yes! Need to check !

thank you but this isnt quite what I wanted. I use this method, but our users often change site so causes a lot of admin work. I wanted something more site based without having to move users between OU's and policies.

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Not sure!

by rajagopalan.durairajan In reply to not quite what I am after

I can think only using Login script , based on the site IP or auth you can apply policy or have a script published on desktop - users will select the site and execute the script were ever they are.

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well rajagopalan. d

by CG IT In reply to Not sure!

has the right idea.

you can require that a domain logon script be run when ever a user logs in. Sites aren't security boundries so requiring a domain level logon script would satisfy your requirement for multiple sites in 1 domain.

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