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Policies & Procedures

By clindell ·
Can anyone point me in the right direction? As the new IT manager of a small company it quickly became apparent that my predecessors never created Policies & Procedures. It is my task to create them and document them. I have assisted in, and createdsome of the Policies & Procedures in the past, but not from scratch. Do any of you have some good suggestions for this as it has far reaching implications. I look forward to the challenge and hope for some good words of wisdom from you all.



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Policies & Procedures

by Al Hedstrom In reply to Policies & Procedures

TechRepublic recently had an article on policies that I thought was quite good. I don't have the copy in front of me, but a search here should produce it fairly easily. The most important part of policies is equal application and enforcement.

On the procedures, every industry has standards that each company strives to achieve and maintain. How each company accomplishes this, of course, is different. For each process, start with a group of employees that know the process from beginnning to end. Their task is to document that process and they have a specific target date for completion. Use a common-sense step-by-step outline for each process. Then add in safety and quality factors. Make copies of drafts for others to review. After everyone is satisfied and its in place, select a slightly different group to review the process on a regular (quarterly or annual) basis.

Good luck.

Al Hedstrom

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Policies & Procedures

by clindell In reply to Policies & Procedures

Al, if I had The link to the recent article it would save me lots of time. The reason I posted the question here was to hopefully get the answer or have someone point me to it. The suggestion of searching for the article turned up nothing. A flow chart of the creation of the Policies and Proceedures would be best, however I do not expect to find it here. As far as the basics I have them. I just want more detailed information.

Thanks anyway.


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