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I have a client who is asking if it is possible to create a policy that controls the desktop by individual user. My first impression was he would be required to have a domain and not a workgroup. Second, that he would have create a group, apply the policy to the group and add the user to that group. Can you provide me with additional details / links to "how to" sites that can help me make policies like this run?

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by timwalsh In reply to Policy

Group Policies (GPOs) cannot be applied to individuals (at least not directly), nor can they be applied to Groups (at least not directly contrary to what the name implies).

GPOs are only applied at the Local computer, Site, Domain, and Organizational Unit (OU) level and in that order. GPOs applied higher in the hierarchy will overwrite those applied at lower levels.

Without Active Directory, GPOs can only be installed at the Local Computer level.

With Active Directory installed, GPOs can effectively be applied towards individuals or groups by creating OUs for each individual or group. However, depending on the size of the organization, this could become a nightmare to manage.

What is this client actually trying to accomplish? There may be ways other than GPOs to do what he wants to do.

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