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    Policy confusion


    by tsunamis ·

    does anyone know of a resource, either written or online, that can help me wade thru setting policies, for both NT4 and Win2k.
    I would prefer a look up list, where I can find how to set policies that, for example, gives a user right click menu, or sets a default wallpaper for a group of users.

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      Policy confusion

      by fractaladmin ·

      In reply to Policy confusion

      Technet has a 6-part article on NT Profiles and Policies, Guide to. Not a lookup, but I’ve found it useful in the past.

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      Policy confusion

      by aaron v ·

      In reply to Policy confusion

      The Windows 2000 admin / updating skills course goes over the Group Policies in detail. You could borrow someone’s copy of the material, take the class, or have an MCT download the material for you.

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