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Policy for Personal (home) computers on Company Network

By sostermann ·
I have a manager who brought in their home laptop to have company software installed and configurations performed. The most practical way to do this is by connecting it into the company network.

Obviously there are security concerns with doing this as we do not know that state of the computer with malware and such. Also, there are liability concerns with having posession of and performing tasks on an employees home computer.

Has anybody addressed these issues? What are you thought? Is there maybe a liability release form that has been prepared that I could look at as a sample?

Thank you.

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Don't touch it.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Policy for Personal (home ...

We've addressed these issues. Department policy is we don't work on employee's personal equipment. If he needs to use a laptop, the company should buy one. That's the cheapest way to handle these issues.

If the software absolutely must be loaded on his private laptop, burn the apps to a CD or DVD and install them off the network. Better yet, hand him the CD and tell him to install them himself.

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How far

by jdmercha In reply to Policy for Personal (home ...

Just how far to take it is always a problem. But first you have to have the OK from your boss that you can work on home machines. You would also have to have the OK to connect it to your network.

In my situation there is a very wavy line between home computers and work computers. I often work on home computers. The first thing I do though is turn the computer on before I connect it to the network. Then I'll run McAfee and Adaware before connecting it to the network. The first thing I do after connecting it to the network is to run windows update.

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by rsamuels9 In reply to Policy for Personal (home ...

Because this persons is a manager, then you should look at using a company laptop for all the right reason.

We do not allow personal computers on Company Network unless they are willing to be subject to company network policy.

The biggest issue you could have if that manager leaves, you really have no way of removing the company software off the laptop without them bring it in. Form or no form will not help remove the software.

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