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Policy for stolen laptops and PDA's

By Radarr ·
We have had laptops and PDA's stolen due to employee negligence. Employees leaving the laptop in a public place, on the seat of a car, etc. I would like to see what other companies have for specific policy. Possibly something the employee signs at hire stating they are financially responsible for laptops,etc.

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Contract of Responsibility

by dave4e2open In reply to Policy for stolen laptops ...

We use a contract-like document which places the replacement cost on the employee. No one likes it but it is rarely enforced. As long the laptop user takes the proper precautions(common sense stuff), management won't hit you up for the $. But there is always that chance.
On the flip side, they never provide us with those desk-locking cables, so they aren't doing their very best either.

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Flip side

by Oldefar In reply to Policy for stolen laptops ...

Personally, if I had the financial responsibility for the equipment I would choose to leave it at work in a locked drawer or cable locked to the desk. Of course, that defeats the purpose of giving me a portable device.

A better approach may be to leave the issue with the employee manager. That cost center is responsible for replacement of lost or stolen equipment. The manager can decide if employee negligence is the cause and take appropriate action without the need for any signed statements.

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