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Political ads on TechRepublic

By USBPort1 ·
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Why do we have to see political ads when reading technical items on TechRepublic? Not only are they ridiculous, they slow the heck out of the website. I don't really want to see pro or negative ads for any of the 2 dominate parties, nor any of the 3rd parties. I know they make money for TechRepublic, but running a banner add and then a similar ad to the right side, both active with scrolling text is a bit much. There are enough political ads on TV and radio, let alone any of the news websites. Can't we at least escape them here? How about a text only site for those who want a faster viewing of tech articles? Tech ads were annoying enough, but the political ads are over the top!

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You already know the answer

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Political ads on TechRepu ...

You already know ads pay the bills. That's why you won't be seeing a text only site. How are political ads more annoying than any other?

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Political ads are fine on a news or political site

by USBPort1 In reply to You already know the answ ...

Keep TechRepublic TECH releated - that's the least they could do if they must show ads. I know they pay the bills, at least tech ads are of some interest.

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TR is a tech related site.. however...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Political ads are fine on ...

.. the company that owns TR (CBS Interactive) is not, and that is the backing behind the ads displayed through out TR and all the CBS Interactive sites.

-Tammy [_]3

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One program and your issues go away...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Political ads on TechRepu ...

Adblock Plus.

I have been using it for years now and I very rarely see ads on sites anymore. A few clicks if I do see one and it goes bye bye.

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That only works for those of us who are smart enough to use FF

by Deadly Ernest In reply to One program and your issu ...

Also, if you use Fire Fox with AdBlock Plus, it's a lot better if you do NOT use a subscription but train it yourself. That helps in speed of use as the subscriptions all have huge lists of options blocks that you'll NEVER come across as most lists cover multiple countries. The subscription lists also include extensive white lists where people pay the list makers to let their ads through and you still get to see them.

I use AdBlock Plus and use the 'Open Blockable Items' option to see what's there and then create suitable filters of my own. I've got about 60 filters in the list and it's been several months since I've had to ad any to it, and there are no white list filters.

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There's a beta for Chrome.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to That only works for those ...

I've been using it for several weeks, and it works pretty well. :)

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by bobss888 In reply to Political ads on TechRepu ...

I was reading this thread on TR and thinking "what ads"? I suddenly realised that adblock was working perfectly and I have not had to worry about ads for ages now, how pleasant !!

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I have not actually noticed any political ads,

by john.a.wills In reply to Political ads on TechRepu ...

although I have seen others. Perhaps I mentally blank them out without thinking, but that does not seem likely. Another possibility is that they are targeted in some way and I am not a target, either at work or at home. Currently I see ads for Viking River Cruises, Dodge 2012 Grand Caravan, Silver Peak, California Lottery and Galaxy Nexus with Verizon.

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I visually block them too.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I have not actually notic ...

I used to use an adblocker, but I just don't 'see' the ads any more.

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