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Politically Correct PC's?

By pgm554 ·
Anybody seen this one?

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by pgm554 In reply to Politically Correct PC's ...

The correct URL (love them xtra space in c&p on this site)

Here's a copy of the actual letter that was sent out by L/A. County: Subject: IDENTIFICATION OF EQUIPMENT SOLD TO LA COUNTY The County of Los Angeles actively promotes and is committed to ensure a work environment that is free from any discriminatory influence be it actual or perceived. As such, it is the County's expectation that our manufacturers, suppliers and contractors make a concentrated effort to ensure that any equipment, supplies or services that are provided to County departments do not possess or portray an image that may be construed as offensive or defamatory in nature. One such recent example included the manufacturer's labeling of equipment where the words ''Master/Slave'' appeared to identify the primary and secondary sources. Based on the cultural diversity and sensitivity of Los Angeles County, this is not an acceptable identification label. We would request that each manufacturer, supplier and contractor review, identify and remove/change any identification or labeling of equipment or components thereof that could be interpreted as discriminatory or offensive in nature before such equipment is sold or otherwise provided to any County department. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance. Joe Sandoval, Division Manager Purchasing and Contract Services Internal Services Department County of Los Angeles

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by TheChas In reply to Politically Correct PC's ...

I saw the news report a few weeks ago and could not believe it either.

Personally, I think it started as someone trying to get some money for nothing.

The terms master and slave are used throughout industry both mechanical and electrical.
Many vehicles with hydraulic clutches have a master and slave clutch cylinder.

All cars have master brake cylinders.

Servo motor systems have a master and a slave.

I wish I knew where this PC lunacy will end.


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Homophobic cables...

by road-dog In reply to Yup

Henceforth, all cables must be able to be connected male to male and female to female, as failure to do so demonstrates inability to accept same sex relationships.

Any bid to supply products must include testing where all cables and interfaces demonstrate proper operation regardless of pin/socket contact. Any failure of a device such as inoperability, fire, or destruction of device are disqualified from selection for homophobia, as the vendor obviously cannot accept that all connections are equal, regardless of gender. Further, all cables must operate properly regardless of their connection between devices. A monitor that fails to operate properly when connected to an ethernet port is demonstrative of the manufacturer's failure to embrace diversity.

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by john_wills In reply to Homophobic cables...

Two humans of the same sex cannot connect in the way associated with two humans of different sexes. Those of different sexes can copy gays (buggary, fellatio, frottage), but two of the same sex cannot copulate, for the same reason that a male cable contact cannot connect with another male cable contact.

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Biology Class

by Cactus Pete In reply to actually...

You're right - that's the way it is for humans. But many others in the animal [and others] kingdom will change sex if necessary, or don't have a particular "sex" as you might define it for humans.

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cable interfacing

by john_wills In reply to Biology Class

Are there cables with contacts which can be changed between male and female? If so, I imagine that the connecting cable's contact must, at least for the duration of the coupling, be of the other sex.

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Politically correct absurdity ...

by jardinier In reply to Politically Correct PC's ...

When I was a teenager I was frankly shocked by the terms "male" and "female" plugs, or connectors.

I can see no point in even taking the "master/slave" issue seriously. The terms "master" and "slave" are common terms in the English language, and if someone wants to "read into" these terms some personification which was never intended or implied, then the problem is with the person and not with the particular application of the term.

I am wondering how long it takes before someone wakes up to the fact that "email" a sexist term.

Surely if you can have 'emails (silent "h") you should also be required to have "shemails."

There is a place for political correctness, but it is becoming sillier each day. Recently I learned in a restaurant that there are no longer waiters and waiters, as these people are now collectively known as "wait persons."

Perhaps soon someone will come up with a politically correct term to eliminate the discriminiation between terms for male and female genitals. [genitalia does not meet the standard as it is more of a medical term].

Oh, and by the way, PC is a politically incorrect term in itself. It is of course an acronym for "Personal computer" and so should also cover Macintosh personal computers.

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shemails or shemales

by mrbill- In reply to Politically correct absur ...

There are shemales so we can not use that term or we will be sued by the hermaphrodites and transexual comunities.

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It will become

by JimHM In reply to Politically correct absur ...

It will become the "Plug thing-a-ma-ju" and the "Receptor-thing-a-ma-bob" --- or the "Who-da-watda-dig" or "do-hicky" or "that aminal thing" -

Hello - world - these people in California need to get a life - I guess over there the only thing to worry about is - That silly Master / Salve thing... no guns - no drugs - no other problems - its all green hills and peaceful fields of clover they are dancing through...

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I do agree with.....

by jkaras In reply to It will become

your post that this is getting out of hand, but this isnt just a California thing. Everyone nation wide has embraced politically correctness as a means to elevate themselves from their mundane existence or a payday. People know the difference between good and bad behavior, they merely choose to act like iddiots. Proper behavior is taught in the home not by a mantra.

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