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Are political discussions/opinions not allowed?
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Politics, religion, operating system wars...

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Politics

IF (major capitol letters) people could somehow maintain civility then these sorts of topics could be discussed. However, as has been demonstrated over and over ad nauseum, these discussions devolve into nothing more than a shXt throwing contest..."your eternal soul is condemned to everlasting torment if you don't believe this ancient manuscript and/or vote for this candidate"
There were numerous threads at the CNET Forums that had I had any say so would have been deleted.
I suspect the spamfilters automatically removed one of your posts, I'll see if I can revive it...but be warned!

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Thanks for bring back the post

by BOB.B In reply to Politics, religion, opera ...

When I saw it vanish I thought I might have broken some rule.

You are correct that some folks have a 'my way or the highway attitude' and can be quite abrasive if someone has a different opinion.

Cnet Speakeasy was one of the busiest forums with political discussions with our current political climate.

I expressed my opinion others expressed theirs.
I found it interesting reading and I never got offended by the opposite opinion.

Once in a while some dork would come in and flame someone with a different opinion.
I just ignored those post.

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As often happened on SE in these cases,

by nopremx In reply to Thanks for bring back the ...

I find it hard to figure which of your posts might have been deletable. Not a complaint about the Mods; I'm sure they err on the side of caution.
Maybe they responded to a flag.

(What is "blithering", anyway?) :-)

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You're right about the lack of civility.

by nopremx In reply to Politics, religion, opera ...

Of course you can't expect much from a batch of blithering idiots ...
Have a nice day. :-)

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