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Politics in the IT department and job security

By Why Me Worry? ·
I once turned down a job offer for a prominent TV media company simply because my political views do not agree with their liberal stand on many issues. I feared that if the subject of politics ever came up in the office, I would be the black sheep conservative among a sea of utlra-liberal nutjobs with their daily Bush bashing jokes and anti-war drivel. I know it's illegal for companies to discriminate or fire employees for their political views and other factors, but working fur such a company would create a hostile environment for me. Has anyone ever been in this situation where they were the "black sheep" because they didn't fit the corporate culture or status quo?

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by JRod86 In reply to Politics in the IT depart ...

You sound worse than the "nutjobs" you don't want to work with. I haven't seen a post that condescending since the latest MS Sux post.

That out of the way, I'm a Buddhist who works for a Lutheran company. Try that for a while. Even yesterday they had the Board of Directors meet and they had a pastor lead a prayer over PA system, but you know what? I had work to do, so I did it in my normal, efficient manner.

Keep your political views out of the workplace because maybe you are the nutjob no one else wants to work with because you can't hide your contempt for people who do not hold your same views. Just a thought

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Come on

by amcol In reply to Politics in the IT depart ...

We've ALL been in that situation for one reason or another. You put two human beings in a room, you've got politics. That's the nature of the beast. And it's not just about political politics or corporate politics, there's a whole host of reasons why from time to time everyone feels a little on the outside looking in.

We'd all do well to spend less time thinking about all the distractions and more time thinking about why we're at work in the first place. To work. You fill your day with productive, meaningful, value added activities and all the rest of the noise fades into the background.

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I agree with you.

by stepmonster In reply to Politics in the IT depart ...

I agree with both your choice and your reason. (and your politics - fellow conservative Republican) I recently went on a 'power lunch' meeting with the VP and PM of our company, plus a few of us worker bees. The female VP was vocally pro-choice and asked everyone to join in on her One-sided supreme court discussion. I had to leave the table, being 99% outnumbered. I began my job search the very next day. I'm still here, but I do know why I'm leaving.

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Are you female also?

by DC Guy In reply to I agree with you.

No one should give a flying **** what we men think about that issue until one of us gets pregnant.

THAT is why there should be more women on the Supreme Court. The men should all have the decency to recuse themselves from such cases.

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I'm a moderate conservative and am pro choice

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Are you female also?

But to work in a company where they allow for stupid "Bush Knew" and "Bush Lies" ppolitical posters planted all over the cubicles is simply unprofessional and childish. Also, how would it look if over 90% of the employees are signing up for an anti-war rally and other liberal peacenick crap and I am the only one refusing. This will quickly turn into a schoolyard bully kind of scenario with non-stop pressure to accept their "liberal" ways. I've worked in a company where they let people put up such stupid political slogans and I personally felt this was innapropriate in a work setting. For the same reason one cannot put up a Hustler Centerfold photo in his/her cubicle, one should not put up political slogans in his/her cubicle either.

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comparison a little unfair

by jck In reply to I'm a moderate conservati ...

I think you know that political banter is not considered obscene like Hustler is.

I understand your view, though. It is not a good idea to take a job in a company where you will be a "whipping boy".

Take for I'm the whipping boy a lot on TR in political discussions just because I don't polarize to one side or the other. I tend to make decisions for myself on a case-by-case basis, not based on being aligned with a political platform of a party, special interest group, or an employer.

You were smart though not to take it. It would have been hostile at some point. Someone would have taken "offense" to you having your views and from that point it might, and probably would have, gotten ugly.

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Yes, I am a woman. But are you human?

by stepmonster In reply to Are you female also?

I think that every person should be concerned about their own offspring, most mammals are anyhow.

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Learn to Deal with Rudeness

by Wayne M. In reply to Politics in the IT depart ...

Political beliefs are not the problem. Neither is religion (on other threads), the local sports team, or a myriad of other issues that people tend to get emotional about. The issue is how to deal with rudeness.

For a lot of minor issues, it is best to develop thick skin and poor hearing. Just smile, nod, and ignore what is being said.

If something is directed at you, it is often best to be naive. Depending upon the situation, try replying with "Yes, that would be one approach", "Excuse me?" (with a confused look and tone of voice), "Could you repeat that?" (primarily if the previous options fail), or "I'm not sure I understand where you are going with this."

Issues that have a direct affect on the work at hand are a different issue and are not covered by anything I describe above.

I would be hesitant to turn down an opportunity based on a fear of opposing political views. Unless it is someone I enjoy discussing or debating a topic with, I just tend to ignore the issue and usually it will just go away.

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I understand

by jmck In reply to Politics in the IT depart ...

I was just at a job, as well, that was a hostile environment. There was constant political, religous and philisophical debate. I began to not say much and keep to myself. But I did feel like it affected my job and my relationships at work. There really is no place for that at work.

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I feel your pain..

by maecuff In reply to Politics in the IT depart ...

I work for right wingnuts..

My boss and I hold very different views when it comes to politics, however, we can talk about whatever issue happens to be in the news, disagree about it and move on.

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