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Poll about having software to block out IT members unless permission given

By Chris ·
Poll question

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Bad precident

by jmgarvin In reply to Poll about having softwar ...

The problem is that now, the employees can say the IT department is "snooping" if they monitor web traffic or email.

While I somewhat agree there should be a popup box (just so the user knows why something "weird" might be happening.)

I honestly think that IT "spying" on people is what makes IT work! How else would we keep our networks running and ensure security???

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You forgot the "Smiley"

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Bad precident

You're supposed to stick an emoticon after those last two statements so everyone else could tell you were joking.

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And he misspelled "president"

by stress junkie In reply to You forgot the "Smiley"

Misspelled president!!! hahahahaha. How can I be so funny? What a laugh riot!!! President.

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See you make fun of British pronounciation but

by JamesRL In reply to And he misspelled "presid ... educated British person would pronounce the word in question pre-CEED-ent(phonetic spelling),and would not have made the spelling mistake quite so easily.

But because you insist on making it PRE-ce-dent(similar to president, pepsodent etc), spelling mistakes inevitably do occur. :)


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Don't get me started ...

by stress junkie In reply to See you make fun of Briti ...

... about the way Brits pronounce words. You people can't even say the word "aluminum" properly. American English is the best English.

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You Mean Our President?

by Wayne M. In reply to And he misspelled "presid ...

Gee, which of the following might apply to W?

"I have a member of my upper level executive staff who I believe is giving bad advice to other members of the exec team."

"I think this guy has no real clue."

"I'm really looking for some evidence or polls to refute what this guy is telling everyone."

I guess I should check the TechRepublic topic on the FireStarter label, cause I am feeling feisty on a Friday.

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Missing Firestarter Tag

by CharlieSpencer In reply to You Mean Our President?

I was disappointed (my, that's an easily misspelled word) to see the "Firestarter" tag wasn't hung on this one. If ever a discussion deserved it, it's this one.

Was King George I the president's precedent?

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Shhhh. Don't give it away!!!

by stress junkie In reply to Missing Firestarter Tag
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i agree that we must know more then only traffic

by LukCAD In reply to Bad precident

I am developing that kind of soft for analysis of user behavior on the web sites. This is logo for web site administrator who would like to know statistic of his site and who would like to use his site with more profit. It is not for any spying about users it is need for developing of new, more effective and usefull applications for interaction users and web information. Everyone can agree with me, that any user of site would like to find very fast interesting him information. And from it depends the popularity and value of informational web site or portal. So that technology you can find everywhere: msn, cnn, aol and so on. Sometime the popup menu is only one way to make the request to server for receiving of ip of visitor, sometime it is enougth to use inner server logo. But it is need the big portals or popular sites for more clear represent of situation, for prdicting and for analysis and statistic. But it is not used for restriction of access or for some gathering information about private life (it is not possible, so easy as you think). And nice thing is THAT IT IS ALL AUTOMATED so not people or special service workers who read it for his own aims.
Ok. I see, everyone who started afraid the web, thinking that spyware is even cookies (it is element of memory on client side for identification by server that some process was been maded before.) will read it discussion and think that i know how to write spyware for fbi. NO. be patient. Spyware is not my branch. Spyware is more difficult for me then you can image or you thought. It is connected to features of operational system. For spy ware is not standart way, it depends Window or Linux is and so on. The gathering of information from computer or sending it via smpt are specific of spyware. But you can easily to define that kind interactions in any system with NTFS and turned on the logo about security by analising of event logo.
On my mind the problem with "spying" private information will solved fully, when the administration of computer will more close to common user. It is big task and Microsoft going to solve it in future.
Sincerely, LukCAD

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Look elsewhere

by JamesRL In reply to Poll about having softwar ...

I am with your staff member. At a previous company the default was set to with permission only. Why do IT people need to look at whats on the screen unless they are working with the user troubleshooting some issue?

I think the guy has a clue - he may not know technology but he recognises a privacy issue when he sees one.

I think this exludes any auditing tools that may provide data on the user, what programs are installed, what the HW config is, network settings etc. - thats clearly something IT needs access to and shouldn't require permission to gather.

But seeing what the current user is doing to me is only valid if there is troubleshooting going on, or a formal investigation into a security issue - and if thats the case, HR or someone other than IT must be aware and approve.

Just because you are IT doesn't mean you have carte blanche to go snooping around for fun. At that company we even went so far as to set up encrypted email for senior execs, that only a couple of IT people could decrypt(the ones who administered the certifynig server).

How would you like it if someone from outside your department, say HR, could at any time look in at what you are doing on your computer without your knowledge or consent?


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