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Poll: Bush unpopular in Britain

By Oz_Media ·
LONDON, England (AP) -- Many people in Britain believe the international standing of the United States has suffered under President George W. Bush and dislike his handling of the situation in Iraq, according to an opinion poll published in London's Times newspaper.

It seems that Tony Blair is asking people to support the effort to rid Saddam from his torure and repression of the Iraqi people. Too bad this wasn't used as justification instead of the fears of an impending Mass Attack from Iraq.

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Sick of Opinion Polls

by TheChas In reply to Poll: Bush unpopular in B ...

I am sick of the media's use of opinion polls to gage the mood of the population.

Poles can be easily configured to provide the desired results.

Further, I am VERY tired of our elected "leaders" using poles to define their course of action.

We should be electing leaders that we trust to make the correct decisions.
They need to make the 'best' decision they can based on the best information they can get, and forget about what the poles say.


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Just opinions

by Oz_Media In reply to Sick of Opinion Polls

These polls, as opinions shared here should be are just peolpe's opinions and carefully calulated results to support them. Sometimes polls will have a hundred questions, then on ly the three that favour the intent of the poll will be shown, no different than the media we are forced to rely on as common citizens.

What brought this on was that I heard on the radion today some takl of Bush's visit to England and how they have been forced to use the highest level of security and some new measures to ensure a successful visit.

This was followed by a reported POLL of British citizens that stated that 33% of British citizens were against the BUSH administration and that there would probably be more of a threat from locals than from our commmonly known terrorist organizations.

I then dragged my butt out of bed and did some searching for this so called Poll to evaluate it a little closer. The info I found showed an even greater number against BUSH and his Iraqi actions so I opted to just post a link rather than assume either way.

Sorry Chas, but no matter how biased, if you interview 2000 people and ask them the same question, you MAY get a higher number if you are asking peolpe the Anti-american Bush raly but the results are still showing unfavorable views.

For them to be completely biased, you would have to interview 2000 people and only accept those that answered how you wish to potray the subject. this wouldn't hold to well as most polls are independantly conducted for the organization requesting the data and little predjudice is shown. Many require quality assurance staff (my old job with the CRTC) on hand to ensure that the poll or telephone surveys are conducted properly and that they adhere to marketing regulations.

So you're right in saying that they CAN be swayed, but the truth is that the numbers MUST be close. I believe this poll was evaluated at a 2% accuracy rate.

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Oz - Who cares what the Brit's think

by JimHM In reply to Just opinions

Again - I say who cares what the Brit's think. They are a-no longer a world power, b-run under an Monarch system of government, c-socialist state.

Why would any American care what they think - why would we care - what anyone else thinks of our leaders. The Majority of Americans will defend our leaders to Non-Americans at the same time will protest their policies in-house.

Just like - if someone bad mouthed your wife or children - would you defend you wife and children against your neighbor?

You all can bad mouth him all you want... you can attempt to Bate Americans into replying to your posts - you appear to be an American Hate Bater - anymore...

Enjoy - but the Majority of Americans here could care less what you think about America anymore - or what Canada or Britian thinks about our leaders.

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good name for a band

by maecuff In reply to Oz - Who cares what the B ...

The American Hate Baters

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Well your president seems to care

by Oz_Media In reply to Oz - Who cares what the B ...

BUCH cares how he is viewed around the globe, so why wouldn't you. You support him don't you?

You say the most ridiculous thing here: "Just like - if someone bad mouthed your wife or children - would you defend you wife and children against your neighbor?"

Just like defending my wife and children???? I don't think so dude, he's just a f*(&^ing politician, how does that compare to your wife or children ? NOT AT ALL! Not even in the most remote, teensy-weensy little tiny way at all.
There is NO comparisson.

I see it as an employer asking to to follow his moves and back his opinions, no matter what. I the process of attacking HIS competitor, my son dies, my daughter hasn't been heard of for weeks and probably wont be home for months.
His accusations that the competition are going to close take my job are proven wrong and now he wants us to help our competitor rebuild his company that we destroyed in an attempt to close him down.

This is not someone bad mouthing my children, it's someone I don't know personally that I often disagree with, you can't tell me all American's support BUSH, and now I'M expected to support him?
Get a clue then get a life. There's a whole world outside of the President and your obligations to him, he's just a dude with a job in the most sketchy occupation in the world, politics. The day you start listening to politicians is the day you become, mislead as you have been BS'd and mislead for some time now. I just don't see hwo americans aern't up in arms and putting a price on his head, no other country would stand for that crap. Now everyone that think like you is also a target? Good job boss.

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I am sorry you don't have loyality to your country

by JimHM In reply to Well your president seems ...

Sorry you don't have loyality to your country ...

Hum - Do you know hate is not the opposite of Love - it is love so you must Love George Bush - thats so nice ... Because the opposite of love is indifference...

Thanks for loving my leader ...

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Uh Ok

by Oz_Media In reply to I am sorry you don't have ...

and you say I'M the one on drugs. With your ability to turn things into your approval, I can see how you are such a determined follower of Bush, who you have admitted to not agreeing with on some items but still stand behind. Way to go man, listen to those you don't believe in.

Where do you get that I'm not loyal to my country though?

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What do you claim

by mrbill- In reply to Uh Ok

Oz, are you Brit or Canuk? Where are you loyalties?

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Where I stand

by Oz_Media In reply to Uh Ok

Well as a non American, I've never been given an ultimatum as to who I support. It's kinda like the girlfried with the pick me or your friends crap. But Ok , I'll see if I can help you understand.

I enjoy Canada for it's freedoms, it's beauty and it's people. There's a lot more, but that would take all day. To do this, I don't need to praise the PM each day, I don't have to like him (not that I didn't like Cretien, as much as he screwed up the country is no longer in debt, good money management guy)or listen to his political BS, that's what the guys and gals in parliment get paid for, not me.

England is my home and always will be, it's where my family has descended from (as have many of yours)it has a history of strength but the people are so humble and kind. Britain (Europe and ASIA for that matter)has a phenominal music industry that is not available in the US as it cannot be corporatey controlled, thats why all the real talent went home in the 90's. I am still a British Citizen and would fight for England's freedom anyday, although too old and broken up for that now. The people of England think and feel free, free speech although touted by American very often is never seen here but is rampant in England as is freedom of expression. America has freedoms but I think they are pretty much just trivial as everyone is too concerned about what someone else thinks so the yconform instead.

So yes, I'd pick England or Canada, both have treated my family and I well, they have both welcomed us and allowed us to be free and happy with our lives.

This sounds like America you say, well it's supposed to but America just doesn't offer the true freedoms or beauty I see in other countries.

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Oz appears to respect no political view

by JimHM In reply to Uh Ok

Oz appears to support a single political view - he is negative on everything no matter what. Doesn't like the leader of Canada - or Britian - doesn't like Bush (oops I mean with his hatered of Bush its love) -

Its like trying to hit a moving target - doesn't vote because no one is worthy of his vote - but yet is negative of the elected offical.

Oh well - its fun getting him fired up about him being in Love with GWB - I mean hate is not the opposite of love -

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