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POLL: John worked from 9:15 AM to 3:07 PM @ $12.75 per hour - how u calc?

By UAddUp ·
How do you calculate this?


If you are from my grandfather's generation (the generation that actually knew the timetable), you will mumble some numbers and spit out the answer...


If you are my father's generation you will use common sense and the calculator.

With your common sense, you will realize that you are missing eight minutes to make it six hours.

You will know that you have than 5 hours and 52 minutes


You will use the calculator for 5 times $12.75 ($63.75)
Than you will use the calculator to divide $12.75 into 60 and multiply it by 52 minutes ($11.05)
You will than add ($63.75) + ($11.05) and get to $74.80.


Or, you will use the calculator to convert the minutes into a decimal numbers by dividing them into 60.

52 divided by 60 equal 0.87 (or 0.8666666667)

5 + 0.87 = 5.87

You will than use the calculator again to multiply 5.87 by 12.75 = $74.84

Do you use the calculator? How do you do it? Does any one know why method A brings you to $74.80 and method B to $74.84?

C. if you are from my generation, you calculate it in many ways:

C1: Using Excel: you got some help from or straight from and created an excel timesheet

C11: You love excel, you figure it all out by yourself, you have worksheets that talk to each other and accumulate sick and vacation hours too.

C111: You are afraid of excel so you got a ready timessheet template from

C2: You use a time clock software, like or , either a desktop application or a web application

C22: You use a free version

C222: You use a paid version.

What time clock software do you use?

C3. If you need to make a onetime calculation, you use an Online Time Card Calculator like this one

C4. If it is your cleaning lady or your nanny, you might want to be generous and just pay for 6 hours? (6 times $12.75 is $76.50??)

D. If you are from my children's generation, what will you use when you will become a business owner to calculate your worker's hours?

From what generation are you and what do you use?

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