Poll: Vista, a complete waste of time or does it really do any good?

By shrpsam93 ·
I honestly don't think vista is worth having, its slow, chews up memory, chews up hard drive and i found that when i had it on my computer, it has been performing a lot more poorly then when i had xp on it. i only had vista on that computer for at least a week then i gave up. it is hopeless

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Is it any good?

by tintoman In reply to Poll: Vista, a complete w ...

If that's your question then as always it comes down to a matter of opinion. Personally I reckon there's nothing much wrong with it as long as you make sure your computer is "man enough" to run. Of course this discussion becomes superfluous after Oct 22nd and the launch of Windows 7

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not a vista fan

by yovev In reply to Is it any good?

I am absolutely not a fan of vista. While i am working all the time with XP, i used Vista on my laptop for about a year just because there were no drivers for it for XP. The Microsoft released the Win 7 BETA. i gave it a try and... i am using it for almost 6 months now. I have already decided to skip Vista and jump to 7 directly. Also have installed the 7 beta on my desktop computer and cant complain about performance. Even more! It is performing much better even than XP.
People may say the menus and navigation in Vista and 7 are pretty messed up but when you get used to it, you love it. Same can be said for networking, entertainment and so on.

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by Snuffy09 In reply to not a vista fan

when i even hear the word vista i throwup in my mouth.

Vista to Xp communication should not be as difficult as it is.

Even getting it to connect to a wireless access point is more complicated than XP - more features for average user than advanced user.

The constant Administrator confirmations, and when the system tells you that you have to be an administrator to run a application or serveice and you are an administrator

I hate this operating system, its like a saturn (car), nice to look at but in all actuality its a piece of $h!t.

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