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    Poor but stable wireless download speed+normal upload(wired works perfectly

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    Poor but stable wireless speeds+normal upload speed(wired works perfectly)

    Poor but stable wireless speeds+ normal upload speeds(wired works perfectly)

    The topography of my system is as such. My ISP supplies a 100mbps download and 20mbps upload speed to my router. The router only has 100mbps lan ports on it and also Wi-Fi is disabled on the router. Connected to the router is an EnGenius EWS5**2FP managed switch that has gigabit ports, also connected to the router is an EnGenius EWS350 access point(all are dual band and no channels overlap on 2,4ghz or5ghz there is also no wireless interference from neighbours). Connected to the switch are another 2 EWS350 access points and an assortment of other things that are all fully updated and aren’t doing anything dodgy to the wired speeds . I use the switch to manage the access points.

    Now no matter where I plug my laptop into the network(router, switch or even where an access point should be)my speed test shows I get at least 90mbps download and 19mbps upload which is where it should be. The problem is when I connect to the Wi-Fi, and the coverage throughout the house is really good, I only get at most 60mbps download and 19mbps upload on speed test.

    I made sure that I’m connected via the 5ghz band and I’m standing quite close to the access point.

    The 2.4ghz band is configured so that it has 20mhz bandwidth and outputs quite a high signal strength.

    The 5ghz band is configured at 80mhz bandwidth and also outputs a high signal strength.

    QOS is disabled on everything and the router is configured as the DHCP server with the switch and access points not falling into the DHCP range. The router also uses DNS relay so therefore there is no dns configured on the access points and switches.

    The access points use WPA2 AES for security and I can confirm they all receive at least 90mbps speeds. There is also very low Wi-Fi traffic(never more than 3 devices putting load).

    Any solutions or any ideas as to what the problem could be would be much appreciated as it has pretty much driven me mad.

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