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Poor DSL setup affecting Home Network

By dcobb ·
I'm trying to help a friend get his Playstation 2 setup for Internet access. His home was setup with DSL on separate lines from phone lines. He doesn't have DSL in every phone jack, just one. His PC and modem are over 200 feet from his Playstation. He bought an HPNA with an adapter to resolve the jack issue, but he still needs to convert his Cat 5 PS2 to the RJ45 wall jack. Is there a way to do this without buying another router/modem? He doesn't want to run 200 ft of cabling with a repeater through his house.

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Playstation 2 Network Adapter

by timwalsh In reply to Poor DSL setup affecting ...

Would it be safe to assume that your friend has already purchased and installed this adapter that Sony recently released?

If he hasn't, then no matter how close he gets the network connection, he still won't be able to successfully connect his PS2 to any network.

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Yes, he has the adapter

by dcobb In reply to Playstation 2 Network Ada ...

Sorry, should have mentioned that. He needs to use the ethernet connection to access his DSL, and there isn't a Cat5 to RJ45 adapter as far as we've been able to find without having to buy another router/modem. The adapter has an RJ45 outlet, but it's for the dialup modem only.

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by timwalsh In reply to Yes, he has the adapter

I'm a little confused at some of the things you are saying. It might be a terminology thing.

The RJ45 connection on the PS2 network adapter is the standard connection for Cat5 ethernet cabling. On the Sony website, there are instructions for configuring the adapter for Broadband connections (such as DSL). Make sure your friend follows these.

It sounds like the next issue is that he needs to share the DSL connection with his home computer. Your problem starts with the fact that the network adapter on the PS2 is not directly compatible with a HPNA setup. You would need to go through an HPNA Bridge (PS2 Network adapter <--Cat5 cable-->HPNA Bridge<--standard telephone cable -->Phone jack). You would then also need to do this on theother end (phone jack<--telephone cable-->HPNA bridge<--Cat5 cable-->hub or switch). To the hub/switch you would also connect your DSL modem and the home computer.

His only other option (other than buying the HPNA bridges) (the HPNA adapter he previously bought really can't be used by the PS2) (he would still need a hub or switch) would be to run 200 feet of Cat5 cable (don't need any repeaters - max allowable length is 100 meters) between the hub/switch and the PS2.

Hope this clears things up some.

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No Simple, no clean option!

by ghstinshll In reply to Connection

based on the evidence, the only way to cleanly accomplish this is to have someone upgrade all his phone wiring to cat5, and split off data and voice ports on the wall jacks, upgrading the entire house to network/phone.

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