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Poor Performance after upgrade

By abarton ·
I have recently replaced our aging Windows NT Platform with a WIndows 2003 Server. All data and accounts were migrated from the old box to the new. I expected a much improved performance across the board but to my horror have discovered just the opposite. Server based applications that used to load in seconds now take minutes to load. Basic Word documents stored in users folder can take 5 minutes to open and regularly get NOT RESPONDING Messages.
Nothing else has changed so obviously, it is down th the 2003 setup. Has anyone got any ideas or seen this themselves?

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by Mondo In reply to Poor Performance after up ...

Check and double check your DNS.

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by abarton In reply to

Have checked this but have checked again just to make sure.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Poor Performance after up ...

Is it an in place upgrade or new hardware and new software?
What hardware specs does your 2003 server have? How much RAM?

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by abarton In reply to

It is a direct replacement.
Dell Server with 2Gb Memory, 2 2 3Gb Xeon Processors, RAOD 5 with 5 148GB disks. Full Server 2003, same apps running as before but nothing really loads from the server.; only minor apps. Office is installed on he PC's and only stores files on the server. Office files can take 2 to 3 mins to load, sometimes displaying a not responding message. We now only have XP Pro clients. SP1 has been applied. Exchange Server runs on another identical server

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Poor Performance after up ...

well 2003 has all this new authentication overhead plus bags they hung on to get older os's to authenticate in securely.
for wiw i did exactly same as you and snappy performance. we did buy a fully loaded new server for it. did you? how much ram, free hd, etc?
i'd check the logs in the server and the wkstns and watch for more network traffic than i expect.
if you were on nt, i wonder just what mix of old and new clients you have there.
my knee jerk guess is: turn off smb service on the server for a test. it may break access on old os's.
you left out so many details.
have you applied sp1 to windows 2003
is it truly server 2003, not small business server
what apps? mapped drives? is anything still fast? web browsing?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

also try locking nic down on server to 10mb half duplex

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