Poor Wi-Fi reception in ubuntu 9.10

By pinnakavamsi ·
I recently migrated to ubuntu. I am using ubuntu 9.10 netbook remix for my acer aspire one 532h. every thing is working great except wi-fi. I am getting poor wireless reception... not even close to normal reception. And connection is also dropping frequently. I cant even move to next room.
Can some body help me in solving this problem.

NOTE: Before ubuntu, i installed Moblin OS. In moblin Wi-Fi signal was excellent.

is there any driver update to improve signal strenth.

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Signal strength would not likely be affected by a driver..

by cmatthews In reply to Poor Wi-Fi reception in u ...

..unless you have the wrong one. Perhaps you need to tell us a bit more.. Eg:
Which of the Broadcom or (5) Atheros Wifi chipsets it has.

For this, you may be better served at the Ubuntu launchpad site as well.

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Re: Signal strength would not likely be affected by a driver

by pinnakavamsi In reply to Signal strength would not ...

my netbook came with Atheros Chipset.

In windows XP and Moblin, signal strength is excellent. But when it comes to ubuntu.... very poor signal and even data speed is also poor (only 10 to 15 % using of 54mbps).

I am not sure which driver ubuntu is using for Atheros WiFi chipset, i think madwifi.

I went through some ubuntu forums... and found that there are many people facing the same issue with wifi in ubuntu netbook remix 9.10. but could not find any solution for this in any forums.

Moblin and ubuntu, they both look similar... almost similar interface and GUI (both are linux)... but i don't know whey lots of difference in wifi performance.

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