Pop mail does not reflect changes in users exchange mailbox

By tjesperson ·
some of my users have pop mail at a remote location. They also use web mail to our exchange server occasionally. Often times the user complains that the content is different in pop and in their exchange mailbox.
How can I ensure that the users pop mail and exchange mailbox are the same or sync'd?

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syncing vs VPN

by dutch In reply to Pop mail does not reflect ...

Once the email is downloaded from the Exchange server to the local machine's email client then the email is no longer on the Exchange. That will cause the two locations to show different email.

You can change the clients email settings to leave the emails on the server for a set period of days. This will give the users the ability to work on both copies of the email and be totally portable.

The better solution is...
make a VPN from your corp office to the remote location. Then you can migrate the remote users off of using pop toward using the exchange server directly.

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