pop mail not going to exchange

By stefan ·
HI everyone.I have a problem!I am running Pop Beamer to collect my mails from Google Apps and then forward it to my exchange server and then get distrubuted throughout the company.The only problem i have is that certain emails doesn't go through to the exchage.So the user never gets those mails and if you log onto the web based google apps the emails state that they are in the inbox but they weren't forwarded to the exchange.If i then within the web based google apps forward it to the same address it comes through.So why doesn't it just come through the first time? EG. sent me and email but i never got it on my outlook 2003 connected to exchange.So i log into the web based google apps under my email address and there the mail is.So then i forward it to myself within google apps and bobs your uncle then popbeamer grabs it and takes it to exchange.I am lost!Please help!

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Google Apps ? - Do you mean Gmail ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to pop mail not going to exc ...

When you go into your Gmail account and 'Forward' an email, that is not the quite the same as a POP forwarding arrangement.

Check that your email account is NOT set up with any Forwarding Filters. They could be interfering with how all the mail is handled.

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by BFilmFan In reply to pop mail not going to exc ...

You can connect to an Exchange 200x server with POP3. Why not forward the mail from the external source to your Exchange server and have the application connect to the Exchange server with POP3, if that is required?

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