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By gbalonek ·
I keep getting Pop-up ads in WINXP (Home Version). I have run Norton Internet Security, Syybot, Adware, Web Root, Registry Mechanic, and Windows Defender. Also, I re-set my Security Setting to the Default. Anything else I can try?

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by jeremyrem In reply to Pop-Up ads

how about a popup blocker?

or the google bar it has one built in

also i would recommend not using IE... lots of exploits in it

try mozilla

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by j.lupo In reply to Pop-Up ads

You want to change to Firefox which will help block some of those popups. Also, popup blockers are real good to help control it. Unfortunately, you also need to clean out the cookies. Once a website leaves one of these little gems, they have you and can really bug you. I also have a block list in my e-mail system which bounces any address that I give it right back at it if it tries to e-mail me.

I have even designed some rules for bouncing all spam mail at particularly bad offenders, you would be surprised how you come off a list when you crash their server - and it is legal because you are blocking addresses you don't want contacting you.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Pop-Up ads

You can download Monzilla Firefox from here

and it would be a good idea to add the program Sypblaster which provided you keep the definitions up to date will stop most infections on your computer it's available here

Even if you enable the Pop Up Blocker in IE it tends not to stop the majority of the pop ups from appearing but if you just have to simply use IE install the Goggle Tool Bar which has it's own pop up blocker and works a lot better though it will not prevent every pop up that comes along but it will greatly reduce them. Of course this depends on the Web Sites that you visit.

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by ctrservices In reply to Pop-Up ads

They could be starting from your start-up programs. Sometimes these things get set up on PC's with other downloads. Check the Startup tab in "msconfig" and uncheck everything except your AV, Firewall and Spyware apps, apply and reboot.

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by OTL In reply to Pop-Up ads

Aren't Casscading Style Sheets (.CSS) great ?

Clear your cache and get rid of all cookies that are for websites you do not know. Go to C:\WINDOWS (or WIN NT)\PREFETCH and delete all (this will require you to supply login credentials for all sites you initially logged into), but will stop the loading of Pop-up program engines.

The above are good suggestions but I did not see that you tried Hi-Jack This. Very powerfull (and warns you) so be careful !

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to Pop-Up ads

As previously suggested switch to Firefox or, if you really like the MSIE layout go to Avant at this is an overlay for MSIE that has better security and a pop-up blocker installed.

You can also go to SERVICES and disable the MESSENGER service - this is NOT MS Messenger but the service that allows the pop-ups to operate.

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