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    Pop-up File list sorting


    by bobaaa12 ·

    Running Windows XPpro SP2

    When I go to attach a file to an email and other such functions, the file list that pops up when I hit “Browse” is no longer sorted alphabetically as it was in the past. I always need to right click and pick “sort by name” before I can find the file.

    Opening the folders directly from the folder tree still works as I have it set, but the “pop-up” file lists are randomized.

    I can’t find a way to permanently set them to sort by name.

    Any Ideas?

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      by bobaaa12 ·

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      And your email client is?

      by older mycroft ·

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        I use Thunderbird

        by bobaaa12 ·

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        I am using Thunderbird, but this also occurres when I go to download a file from the internet or use other mail clients such as google mail. Basically anytime I perform any operation which opens a file list.

        When I open a file list from “my computer” – explore – the list opens alphabetically which is how I have them set, but when other programs call for the list it is scrambled.

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          I have tried in vain to recreate your problem …

          by older mycroft ·

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          But I can’t get my search boxes out of alphabetical/numerical order.

          Have you scanned for malware from within Safe Mode yet?

          That’s all I can think of at this juncture.

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          Try this….

          by thumbsup2 ·

          In reply to I use Thunderbird

          When you’re attaching a file to an email, you get a list window that is probably called “Insert File”. Correct?

          Start a blank email and choose to attach a file. In the upper toolbar of the “Insert File” window, there is a view button with a down arrow next to it. Click that and choose details for the view. Now, right click the list of files and choose to arrange by name. Don’t highlight any files yet.

          Hold down the CTRL key and click the red X in the “Insert File” window to close it. Close the blank email and exit your email program.

          Restart the email program and start a new email, then click to attach a file again. Is your “Insert File” list sorted the way you left it last time?

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