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By josephjames10 ·
I have a strange problem with my Inter Explorer. As soon as I launch my browser a addware page open as a default web page. I have cleared my history and deleted all cockies and set the page as a blank, but when open I launch my browser this page again come up. After few seconds it starts open porno site etc.., Please let me know to stop happening this without using any pop up remover program.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Pop Ups

You need to run fully updated spyware. Check out these articles:,4149,1522416,00.asp,4149,1523357,00.asp has spySweeper, has Adaware, has Spy bot Search & Destroy 1.3.
Again, fully update after installing and the remove everything they find, hopefully one will be a browser hijacker.
Next you need to get yourself a firewall. I use ZoneAlarm Pro, gut there are many to chose from.

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by pierrejamme In reply to

It also might be a good idea to turn off "System Restore" before you start.

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by Jamie Schnabel In reply to Pop Ups

You probably have a problem that is called adaware.istbar Check with your antivirus vendor to fix the issue. mcafee has your run a scan with a switch to detect and fix the issue.

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by brian In reply to Pop Ups

SPYBOT S&amp will not block POP-ups but will remove spyware. This sounds like spyware.
I find spybot to be a critical addition to your computer if you surf the internet. I use it in business settings to keep the computers from getting hijacked. People download garbage lie what you have and don't even know how it happened. You don't have to be stupid either. Spybot is not perfect but it is the best product I have seen- free too. Adaware is also very good. You notice the name is similiar to your problem. The bad guys are trying to hurt the names of the products that actually protect people. MSIE is too easy to quickly install junk into. 1 click and boom you have these pop ups that are actually coming from inside your computer. You are right to not try to block the pop up. It is a legitimate function and only a symptom of the problem. 99% of the time Spybot S&amp (current ver 1.3)will fix this.

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by william.dubois In reply to Pop Ups

The program I use is called Bazooka adaware/spyware scanner. It is free ware and you can download it at make sure you check for updates before scannning for problems.

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by josephjames10 In reply to

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by josephjames10 In reply to Pop Ups

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