POP3 email and exchange mailboxes

By taallen ·
Error ---- Under the outlook 2007 data files tab on the clients computer it says "mailbox unavailable" for the exchange mailbox. The client can open outlook, send and receive mail.

Running SBS 2003 / exchange 2003
Clients using Outlook 2007
No public access to the exchange server.

Clients check a pop3 email account (public) and their local exchange mailbox.

Can outlook check the pop3 account and then save the mail to the exchange mailbox? Or does the mail from the pop3 have to be saved to an pst file?
Should I set the clients to run in "cached mode" so a copy will be on both the server and the pc?

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I believe

by oldbaritone In reply to POP3 email and exchange m ...

you're out of luck. You can read the POP3 messages and bring them into the local Outlook client, but they will only be put in the client, not moved from the POP3 server to the Exchange server.

Kludge option - set the POP3 mailbox to auto-forward all email to the Exchange email address. It's probably the cleanest way to accomplish what I think you're trying to do.

Cached Mode - up to you, if the messages are left on the POP3 server when Outlook picks them up, you'll need to figure out how to get rid of them from the POP3 account.

If there's a way to have the Outlook client migrate the messages from a POP3(non-outlook/exchange) server to the primary Exchange server automatically, I haven't heard of it.

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not sure what your saying works like you think it does.

by CG IT In reply to POP3 email and exchange m ...

if Outlook is configured to directly get mail from a mail provider, then it is not using exchange server at all both for send and receive.

If Outlook is configured to use Exchange Server, then Exchange sends and receives email. The caveat is, Outlook can only use 1 method of sending and receiving per user account.

so if you aren't using Exchange to send and receive emails, then you have to save them to PSTs. If you use Exchange and emails are not showing up in the Active Directory user account, then Outlook is not configured correctly to use Exchange.

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