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pop3 is unable to communicate with Exchange 2003

By mudassar_akram ·
outlook 2003 pop3 Account is unable to communicate with Exchange 2003 - Problem only with newly created Emails with Exchange 2003

Can anybody help. i am in great trouble having this problem.......

I recently joined a new firm where exchange server 2003 is using just for internal communication.

there are around 30 users (Emails) already configured with outlook 2003 pop3 account to communicate via exchange server 2003 and all are properly working.

Problem starts here, as follows....

Now after few days i need to create 3 new users(Emails).

1- I go to AD Snap-in in Exchange server 2003 computer where i create 3 users e.g user1, user2 and user3 and hence the Exchange Email box e.g,, and successfully.

Now assume for only user1 (

2- Now I go to client machine and add a new outlook pop3 account for

Your name:Mudassar
Incoming mail server(POP3): (Exchange Sever 2003 PC)
Outgoing mail server(SMTP): (Exchange Sever 2003 PC)
User name:user1
Remember password is Checked & Log on using secure password authentication(SPA) is Unchecked.

3- Now when I press the button 'Test Account Settings...', A prompt 'Enter Network password' is opened again and again after not accepting the logon credentials for user1 which was


Please note that all the other settings are absolutely correct and are just same as for the old Emails already working OK.

Also note that in the same client machine if i re-configure any old Email (which was working OK) in Outlook 2003, it works fine 100%, i mean it accepts Logon Credentials and hence send and receive mails, but when configure any of the new account it gives the above problem.

Also I matched the newly created users settings with the old ones in Active Directory and both are same.

Same Issue with OWA. After three attempts of login, Explorer returns me the following error.

http/1.1 403 unauthorized
But when login with old Email users then it works fine.

It seems that the Ex-administrator put a tight security anywhere at the time of leaving the firm or what else settings in Exchange System manager that i am still unable to catch.

I also tried exchange Email account instead of POP3 and when i put the new user name in the 'check name' box it gives me error i.e 'The name could not be resolved. The name could not be matched to a name in the address list'.

But when put old User name and press 'check name', it resolves successfully.

If Anybody GURU there of Exchange 2003 then Pls help this brother, cuz i am totally stuck cuz of this issue. And ofcourse THX in advance for the PPL who love to care others.

Mudassar Akram.

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